GameInformer review of NeverDead

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Game Informer just reviewed it, and it isn't sounding too great, among the main criticisms of the game is:

You’re an undead badass who can rip off his own head and limbs. You must shoot and chop your way out of a demon apocalypse
It’s a good-looking game marred by a poor camera and technical issues
Terrible voice acting, forgettable score, lots of explosions
The game’s hook – the fact that your body flies apart after any heavy attack – makes combat frustrating and messy. The online co-op is decent, but limited to small set-up levels
The main character is aggravating, the story clichéd, and the gameplay poorly designed and beset by technical issues

Final score:


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1. Sounds like a game that needs a Quick Look.

2. Sounds like a game that I still want to play.

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Good CG, although the in-game stuff looks kind of low resolution, even for a console game. I'm also surprised they even found an online game because it was dead when I checked. I'm guessing they tried it out in-house. Other than that, this review is pretty accurate. I hope whoever is doing the quick-look brings up the multiple ear-shattering, feminine shrieks with a sharp staticy radio effect your partner makes when she gets downed.

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Matches up with the IGN video review I watched last night. Thou, some of the games the reviewer talked smack about were ok games that were fun enough to play without any annoying flaws. So yeah, I will be skipping neverdead.

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Too bad that it didn't turn out well! not that I thought it ever looked any good.

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I've watched some gameplay videos of NeverDead. If the game plays like it looks like it plays, well... let's just say they were less than flattering.

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The issue I find is the game does too much. For example, the concept of decapitation and dismemberment works, but then they throw enemies who can dismember you into pieces with one, quick, unavoidable hit. These same enemy types cannot be killed from your guns at a range, so you must use your sword up close. The same issue exists with the boss fights: they make it so you have to get up close to do damage, but they design the bosses so that in one swoop can break you apart and keep hammering you, so you end up getting caught in this endless cycle of not being able to get away, unable to regenerate on the spot because you keep getting hammered, and unable to really do anything.

The game has some cool ideas. Bryce's voice acting is great, and I think the music's great, too. The game tries to be too versatile, I think, and it does it to a point where it fails on most fronts.

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@dbol said:

2 questions, Has that gif been modified in any way?

If not what the hell is going on?

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Anybody want to collect some achievements on this game right now?

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