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    A "Peter Pan" world/ level in the Kingdom Hearts series' game: Kingdom Hearts for PS2 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP

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    Neverland is featured in the classic book Peter Pan. The most well known version is the one made famous in the 1953 Disney Version. The Disney version of Neverland is featured in several installments of the Kingdom Hearts series. In the first Kingdom Hearts, players spend most of their time in Neverland on Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, but can also visit Big Ben. Captain Hook's Pirate Ship returns in Chain of Memories but this is just a memory of Sora's time there from the first game created in Castle Oblivion.

    In Roxas' story, 358/2 Days, Neverland is fleshed out as a world. Different missions have him going to different islands. Certain landmarks from the original film can be seen (such as Skull Cave) but not visited. The series prequel, Birth by Sleep, takes place on the exact island where the film took place. Landmarks such as the Skull Cave, Mermaid Lagoon and the Indian Camp can be fully explored.

    Kingdom Hearts Music

    Captain Hook's Pirate Ship Field Theme (Kingdom Hearts Version) (Re:Chain of Memories Version)

    Captain Hook's Pirate Ship Battle Theme (Kingdom Hearts Version) (Re:Chain of Memories Version)

    Big Ben Theme (From Kingdom Hearts)

    Roxas in Neverland Field Theme (From 358/2 Days)

    Roxas in Neverland Battle Theme (From 358/2 Days)

    Main Island Field Theme (From Birth by Sleep)

    Main Island Battle Theme (From Birth by Sleep)


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