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    A free-to-play MMORPG inspired by R.A. Salvatore's Neverwinter Saga book trilogy.

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    Neverwinter is a free, action MMORPG set in the Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter, developed by Cryptic Studios. Neverwinter is planned to be a crossmedia event accompanying a tabletop game from Wizards of the Coast and four books by fantasy author R.A. Salvatore.


    It's been 100 years since the spellplague left the world of Faerûn in ruins. Neverwinter built near the Sea of Swords is still being rebuilt from the destruction when dark forces gather to take of control the land for themselves. This is a world where death is found for the weak, glory and gold for the brave and bold, and danger for this is the world of Neverwinter.


    Neverwinter is an action-MMORPG set in a ever evolving persistent world with thousands of other players. Neverwinter is being built with the same engine as Cryptic's two other MMOs, Champions Online and Star Trek Online.

    Adventure Creation Tools (Foundry)

    Neverwinter will feature The Foundry, the same user-generated content tool as Star Trek Online. Cryptic claim that players will be able to create their own dungeons, castles, quests, NPCs, and other MMO content, and then share it with the entire player base.


    Great Weapon Fighter

    The Great Weapon Fighter is a warrior class which wields two handed weapons.

    Guardian Fighter

    The Guardian Fighter is a sword and board tanking class which specializes in defence.

    Trickster Rogue

    The Trickster Rogue class is a dual-wielding blade class who have teleportation abilities.

    Divine Cleric

    Divine Clerics are the healers in Neverwinter, although they also have access to AoE damage spells.

    Control Wizard

    A crowd control-focused mage class. The Control Wizard has the ability to stun multiple enemies at once.

    Hunter Ranger

    A ranged/melee hybrid class. The Hunter Ranger can switch between using a bow at range, and using daggers up close.

    Scourge Warlock

    A DPS/support hybrid mage class. The Scourge Warlock can focus on causing high damage through the use of curses, or suck the life force out of enemies to heal the party.

    Playable Races


    Racial Traits:

    • +2 to any Ability Score
    • Versatile Defense - Increased defense by 3%
    • Heroic Effort - Gain additional Feat Point at levels 10, 15, and 20


    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Constitution
    • +2 Charisma or Wisdom
    • Dilettante - +1 to a non-class Ability Score
    • Knack for Success - +1% Deflect, +1% Critical Severity, and +1% Gold Find

    Wood Elf

    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Dexterity
    • +2 Wisdom or Intelligence
    • Elven Accuracy - Increases Critical Strikes by 1%
    • Wild Step - 10% resistance to Slow effects


    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Constitution
    • +2 Strength or Wisdom
    • Stand Your Ground - Increased resistance to Knock and Repel effects
    • Cast-Iron Stomach - Increased damage resistance to DoT effects


    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Charisma
    • +2 Constitution or Intelligence
    • Bloodhunt - Deals additional 5% damage to foes below half health
    • Infernal Wrath - 10% chance when hit to lower the Power of the attacker by 5% for 5 seconds


    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Dexterity
    • +2 Charisma or Constitution
    • Nimble Reaction - Grants 3% chance to Deflect attacks
    • Bold - Increases resistance to Crowd Control effects by 10%


    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Dexterity
    • +2 Constitution or Strength
    • Furious Assault - Additional 5% damage on Critical Hits
    • Swift Charge - 10% increase to Run Speed for 3 seconds when entering combat


    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Dexterity
    • +2 Charisma or +2 Wisdom
    • Darkfire - reduce enemy Defense by 10%
    • Trance - Recover at campfire twice as quickly

    Moon Elf

    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Intelligence
    • +2 Dexterity or +2 Charisma
    • Wanderlust - +1% Action Point gain and +1% Stamina regeneration
    • Moon Elf Resilience - 10% resistance to Crowd Control

    Sun Elf

    Racial Traits:

    • +2 Intelligence
    • +2 Dexterity or +2 Charisma
    • Inner Calm - +2% Action Point gain
    • Sun Elf Grace - 10% resistance to Crow Control


    Currently there are 11 different addons that can be purchased for Neverwinter that range from in-game currency that can be used to buy such things as mounts, in-game pets and accessories; to new classes and items.

    • 500 Neverwinter Zen - $4.99
    • 1000 Neverwinter Zen - $9.99
    • 2000 Neverwinter Zen - $19.99
    • 5300 Neverwinter Zen - $49.99
    • 11000 Neverwinter Zen - $99.99
    • Onyx Fashion Pack - $7.99
    • Astral Deva Pack - $11.99
    • Reanimated Destrier Pack - $24.99
    • Heirloom Weapon Pack - $19.99
    • Dragonborn Legend Pack - $74.99
    • Champion of the North pack - $59.99


    Changing Focus

    Neverwinter was announced as a coop game in August of 2010. Atari owned Cryptic Studios at the time and was planning on releasing Neverwinter in 2011 as part of a greater media campaign for Neverwinter-based products. This idea was shelved when Atari sold Cryptic Studios to Perfect World Entertainment in May, 2011. The game was shown at E3 2011, but shortly thereafter began its transformation from coop RPG to free-to-play MMO. It was delayed multiple times by Perfect World, ultimately pushing it into mid-2013.


    Neverwinter held several closed beta weekends beginning in February 2013. Players were phased in based on their level of purchase (into founders packs), other Perfect World games they own, and PAX attendance keys. The open beta began Apr. 30, 2013. As of the open beta, player accounts will not be wiped and the game is essentially released.

    System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 or 8

    • CPU: Dual-core 2.0GHz CPU

    • RAM: 1GB

    • GPU: 128MB, GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X850 or higher, Shader Model 2.0

    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio

    • Internet: Broadband Internet Connection Required


    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 or 8

    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz

    • RAM: 2GB

    • GPU: 512MB, GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2900GT, Shader Model 2.0

    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio

    • Internet: Broadband Internet Connection Required


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