Is Neverwinter a MMO?

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I was looking up info for Daggerdale and found this post on their forum by an Atari community person.  I always assumed Neverwinter was going to be a more standard Diablo-ish game but I guess being developed by Cryptic I should have known MMO.

Daggerdale will be a cooperative Action RPG. So, it will be a little more similar to games like Dragon Age, or Diablo, then it will to Dungeons and Dragons Online (An MMORPG).

If you're looking for a new MMO to play in the D&D universe, make sure to check out Neverwinter Online, currently being developed by Cryptic Studios, and due out later this year. More info on that title will be coming soon.

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@datarez: It's hard to say at this stage but from I can it sounds a little similar to Demon's Souls with it's persistent online world. I'm no expert though so take it with a grain of salt.
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It's most likely like Diablo where it supports online co-op, but don't really know for sure.
Side note:
I have allways wanted a true epic DnD online where the questlines are based of the hundreds and hundreds of forgotten realms books.

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In an IGN article, it was recently announced that Neverwinter will be an MMO instead of a co-op RPG. They compared it to Vindictus and Rusty Hearts, so it might be more of a lobby/mission system then a traditional open world.

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