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    New Haven

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    New Haven is a human settlement in Borderlands. It contains several hidden weapon crates, a Bounty Board, a fixable Claptrap and several other notable NPCs.

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    New Haven is the second large (the first "large" hub being Fyrestone and the smaller being Lucky's Last Chance Watering Hole) hub of the game accessible after defeating Mad-Mel in the Dahl Headland(s). New Haven (as a hub) has a fast-travel panel, bounty board, a repairable Claptrap quest, several chests scattered throughout the town and nearby wastes as well as several quests given by the locals. Amongst the locals are characters the player has received some previous communications from such as Marcus Kincaid and Scooter and a few new characters such as Helena Pierce.

    *One of the early controversies recognized by the developers involving New Haven was the farming of red chests for loot. A patch was made by developers which replaced the "rarer" red chests with the two-top panel style gray chest(s).


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