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    New International Track & Field

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jul 29, 2008

    New International Track & Field is a remade and expanded version of the popular 80's arcade game Track & Field. The game features multiple sporting events for both single and multiplayer (wifi and local).

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    There are a total of 24 Track & Field events to play in New International Tack & Field.

    • 100 Metre Sprint
    • Long Jump
    • 110 Metre Hurdles
    • Skeet Shooting
    • Weightlifting
    • 400 Metre Distance
    • Steeplechase
    • Archery
    • Javelin
    • Cycling
    • Triple Jump
    • Hammer
    • Discus
    • Shot Put
    • Breaststroke
    • 100 Metre Backstroke
    • Pole Vault
    • High Dive
    • Double Trap Shooting
    • Springboard
    • Vault
    • Rowing
    • High Jump
    • Horizontal


    New International Track & Field features a roster of 18 characters designed by comic company UDON. The roster includes a mix of original characters and established Konami characters. Additional costumes and accessories can be unlocked in the game.

    Original (UDON-created) Characters:

    New International Track & Field
    New International Track & Field
    • Yoko
    • Kiko
    • Kang
    • Helga
    • Dirk
    • Claudia
    • Ashley
    • Oolong
    • The Referee
    • Ming Ming

    Konami Characters


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