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    New Little King's Story

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 02, 2012

    The PlayStation Vita sequel to the Wii cult classic "Little King's Story."

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    New Little King's Story is a strategy game exclusive for the PlayStation Vita that is a sequel to Little King's Story and features a new story and touch screen controls. The sequel is not developed by the previous game's developer, CING, but instead was developed by Marvelous AQL and published by Konami. The game was released in Japan in March 2012 and in the United States and Europe in October 2012. In North America, the game is only available as a PSN download.


    New Little King's Story focuses on King Corobo and his kingdom of Alpoko. At the opening of the story Alpoko is taken over by monsters and it's seven princesses are scattered across the land. The princesses are contained in pillars of light that are guarded by powerful monsters. Corobo will have to reclaim his lands and amass an army of loyal villagers in order to figure out who is behind the turmoil in his kingdom.


     Corobo and his subjects
     Corobo and his subjects

    New Little King's Story combines popular gameplay aspects of role playing games and real time strategy games. Corobo, as a unit ,has very low health and is only capable of using weak attacks. The real meat of the labor is done by Corobo's loyal subjects. They follow Corobo and can be told to "Charge" in the direction that Corobo is facing and interact with whatever they come in contact with. All subjects start out as lazy adults whose only skills are digging holes and breaking small objects. The player hunts for treasure to amass wealth and then spends the wealth to expand their kingdom. As the kingdom expands, the player can build huts that allow lazy adults to be changed into more meaningful jobs. These jobs range from soldier grunt to carpenter and each has a different purpose and specialization.

    The player's objectives are given through a suggestion box and can include plot related boss battles and time based challenges. Defeating the sub bosses in a certain area allows the player to reclaim the land and build more houses and different job training facilites. The player has to balance expanding the kingdom, searching for treasure, and building a party of followers to handle most situations while searching for the princesses in each area. Once princesses have been rescued they can also follow Corobo into battle. They do not "Charge" like the rest of Corobo's followers but instead have special effects. For example, Princess Apricot's ability is to buff the attack stats of the units following Corobo. Customization of the party continues with the ability for each villager to level up and the ability to equip a number of stat modifying items to each individual villager.


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