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    New Londo Ruins

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    A flooded city that is home to many ghosts, Darkwraiths and the Abyss.

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    New Londo Ruins is a ruined subterranean city in Dark Souls. It can be reached from an elevator located directly beneath Firelink Shrine's bonfire. Once a bastion of culture in Lordran, the city and its inhabitants were destroyed long ago by a great flood.

    When the Four Kings of New Londo were tempted by the primordial serpent Kaathe and fell to the Dark, their loyal knights were transformed into the Darkwraiths: ruthless hunters of Humanity. In order to protect the remainder of Lordran from the threat posed by the Darkwraiths, three powerful sorcerers were commanded to flood New Londo, sealing away the Abyss, the Four Kings and the Darkwraiths, as well as wiping out the city's resident population. These three crimson-garbed sorcerers would become known as the "Keepers of the Seal" in reference to their supposedly-eternal vigil over the ruins of New Londo. However, by the time the Chosen Undead arrives in Lordran, only one Keeper named Ingward still remains to stand watch over the Seal and the restless ghosts of former citizens that now roam the flooded ruins.


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