Online Passes Can Expire

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I saw this story up on Destructoid, in which Jim Sterling writes that a NeoGaf user had trouble redeeming his online code for the Greatest Hits version of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. As more users commented on the thread, it was said that these Online Passes have an expiration date, which was news to many NeoGaf users. I certainly didn't know that these passes expire, and it makes me wonder if this is widespread, or just an EA thing. Anyway, I'm interested in finding out if anyone has noticed expiring Online Passes in other video games.

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I haven't had any problems, my most recent online pass was Dante's Inferno a month ago, but if this is true I will not be buying Hot Pursuit anytime soon. Shame because I saw it for cheap at my local Best Buy and wanted to pick it up.

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it's never happened to me, but i don't see why they would even want to expire online passes. maybe it was just a bad code..?

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I've entered codes that expired years ago and they still worked.

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Sounds like, from a Joystiq article, that this only pertains to very specific EA games (So far). Still a disturbing trend nonetheless.

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