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    New Super Luigi U

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Jun 19, 2013

    Standalone retail and digital DLC expansion featuring 82 completely new levels, Luigi as the main character, no Mario and playable Nabbit in multiplayer.

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    New Super Luigi U is an expansion for New Super Mario Bros. U. It received an initial DLC release via the Wii U eShop on June 19 and June 20, 2013 in Japan and the rest of the world respectively. It was followed by a limited standalone retail release with a unique, Luigi-colored Wii U box donning the Year of Luigi logo.

    New Super Luigi U features 82 new stages not found in New Super Mario Bros. U. These courses are designed to be more challenging overall than those in NSMBU and feature a much shorter time limit of 100 seconds. However, the game's world map is identical to that found in NSMBU.

    In single-player mode, the player takes on the role of Luigi, as suggested by the expansion's name, rather than Mario. In multiplayer, Mario has been replaced by Nabbit, a character from the base game that stole items from Toad Houses. When controlling Nabbit, the player cannot power up when collecting items like Super Mushrooms or Fire Flowers; however, he also cannot take damage from enemies, making him an ideal player character for newcomers.

    As in other Mario titles, Luigi can jump higher than Mario but also takes longer to come to a complete stop after running. Nabbit and both Toads control in the same way since the levels have been designed with Luigi's abilities in mind.

    All of the gameplay features from New Super Mario Bros. U return for Luigi's solo outing, including the same slate of power-ups and the ability to ride Yoshi. The expansion also supports the base game's five-person asymmetric boost block multiplayer.


    As of September 30 2016, New Super Luigi U has sold 2.74 million copies worldwide.


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