Why couldn't all the stages look like this?

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I am currently playing through this game and gotta say it is awesome. One thing that stuck with me as I was going through the Soda Jungle was just how beautiful this level was: 

Why wasn't the whole game done with an artsy aesthetic like this? The gameplay in this game feels different enough from the previous ones but the levels still feel too familiar (and fuck do they need a new soundtrack!). Having them all be like this would have been a great change of pace in my opinion. Do you dudes have a favorite stage in this New Mario U? Would you have liked to see more artsy fartsy stages?
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I'm kind of surprised they haven't done a whole "it looks like a painting" game yet.
And wow Mario's run animation is fucking weird right now.

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Yeah, A honest to goodness mario game could do some really amazing stuff if they really tried.

The problem is, nintendo hasn't been earnest about making games in at least a decade. I'm not saying they haven't released anything good in a decade, but every Mario game since Mario 64 has been tweaking that concept and every game since Ocarina of Time has been tweaking that concept.

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It actually reminds me of the artwork of Yoshi's Story. Which is the one positive about that game that I can remember.

Actually, now that I think about it, it reminds me more of Yoshi's Island.

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