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Modern conveniences rob the player of a true oldschool Mario game 0

In what could be described as a re-imagining of the original 8-bit sensation, Nintendo returns to its roots with a traditional 2D side-scrolling Mario game.  It has all the hallmarks of Mario’s first adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom, but ditches the frustrations with a more modern approach.  It’s an ode to the oldschool game play that made the Italian plumber famous, but a game that can be beaten in a single sitting will leave many fans feeling a little short-changed. Presentation Alth...

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A great game which brings Mario back to his side-scrolling roots. 0

New Super Mario Bros. brings Mario away from 3D worlds and into the classic formula of side-scrolling. If you've played previous Mario side-scrollers, you'll probably be thinking this is all of the same - you're wrong. New Super Mario Bros. refreshes the Mario series and brings it up to date with a bang.There are a total of eight worlds in the game but you can finish the game by taking secret short cuts and only completing six worlds. You'll obviously want to go back and play the final two world...

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Supah 0

I really enjoy this game.It's very old-school with new good graphics.New features like super-size-shrooms and the blu shell is cool but not really something that I really needed in this game. It does however makes laught the first time you fill the screen and start slamming through everything.Saving seems to be a little silly since I actually have to trigger an event before saving. So I really can't just play one level and then save or something like that, which is one of the drawbacks of this g...

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An amazing game, and the best remake in history! 0

I think New Super Mario Bros. could be referred to as the best remake in history. I can't think of any remake better. Great graphics, easy controls, spectacular gameplay, and it brings back that classic Mario feeling. It wouldn't be understandable to dislike this game. Many words can be used to describe this game: spectacular, fantastic, unbelievable, amazing, great, and superb. All of these words have one this in common, they're all complimenting New Super Mario Bros. Overall, this game is a mu...

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An amazing revival of 2D Mario 0

I don't like to ramble on and on in my reviews lately, and there isn't much to say about this game: It's great. Gameplay wise, it's a 2D mario game. Soundwise, it's a mario game. Graphically, it's an amazing looking 2d mario game. The structure of the game is very similar to past 2d marios. Really, it's just the evolution of those old 2d platformers we used to play as kids.  It's great.  So are there any problems? Well, a few minor ones. First off, I feel that most of the powerups are too specif...

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An Untimely Review of the Now Not So New Super Mario Bros. 0

Lately, I've had to the urge to replay titles immediately before their sequels hit, so I couldn't break this routine that is soon to become tradition with New Super Mario Bros. I wasn't looking forward to the upcoming Wii release until recently, so to make sure that I really wanted this Mario that will most certainly be a retail blockbuster, I decided to revisit New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS in the truest form by replaying the entire title. Being a Mario game veteran, it didn't take ...

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Great platformer. 0

NEW SUPER MARIO BROTHERS What more can be said about the super Mario Brothers franchise? Quite simply put, SMB is a set of games that not only revolutionised the gaming industry but probably kick-started what was to become the Nintendo dominance of the early 1990’s. Over the years there have been many a spin-off of the original games, on Nintendo’s later generation systems, but little more did we get of the classic platform game we had grown to love back in the day after the move from the SNES t...

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A classic Mario experience with some cool new rims 1

New Super Mario Brothers is both an ode to the classic days of gaming and a reminder of the changes that have refined the industry over the twenty years since the original. Gamers know Mario. He’s one of the most iconic figures in the annals of gaming history. A stalwart and standard for over twenty years, the red hatted plumber returns to his 2D roots on the DS, while at the same time offering some fresh moves that brings him up to the modern day. /One part of Mario that hasn’t changed is the s...

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New bros. 0

25 years ago Mario was released. And for the past 25 years it has been the biggest gaming franchise ever! The game that sold millions was the original. Now he’s back. This time it’s the game that sold millions, updated. The New Super Mario is the first one but it’s updated, but could this Mario beat the original Mario? Mario is the most recognised character in gaming history. He’s appeared in over hundred games; many of these games are best sellers from Super Mario to Mario 64. Mario first app...

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NSMB is a superb trip down memory lane. 0

There is one particular thought that you should dismiss from your mind before reading a review or perhaps even going out to purchase this game. And that is, do not expect this to be along the same monumental line as Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, or even the first game Mario appeared on for that matter. Think of Mario’s latest venture as more of an anthology of sorts; an assemblage of positive features from his best games, spanning over the last twenty years. A nostalgic trip down memory lan...

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An awesome return to Nintendo's quality... 0

In what was a bit of a surprise, Nintendo went down the road of creating a brand new 2D platforming game for their protly plumber, and in doing so satisfied many a hardcore gamer who had been waiting for some "traditional" platforming fun for years. Nintendo went back to basics for this title, whilst including some great new ideas too.The introduction of mini and mega mushrooms have proven to be successful, with one now featuring as a Mario Kart weapon and the other providing access to the game'...

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A fantastic game 'ruined' by lack of difficulty 1

With all the recent Mario sports titles being spewed out by Nintendo, it’s hard to remember a time when Mario was just a mere plumber stomping on mushrooms to save the princess.  New Super Mario Brothers brings us back to a better, happier time, before Mario was hitting more home runs than stomping goombas.  New Super Mario Brothers takes the 2d platformer where it has never been before: the 3rd dimension; to a degree anyway. The game features some of the best Mario platforming of all time, a ve...

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New Super Mario Bros Review 1

Over a decade... It has been over a decade since Super Mario has gone on a 2D Side Scrolling Adventure. Now just take that in, how ridiculous is that? the idea that Super Mario hasn't been on something he's the KING at for that long. Well people, that's all about to change because Mario's going on his first 2D Side Scrolling Adventure since Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins in 1992. Yeah, you heard me, and i am not joking either, Super Mario is back, and as we know him, in 2D Platforming Awesomen...

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The new standard in unchallenging I guess. 0

Originally written 11-23-11While going on a walk with Princess Peach, Mario notices the castle on fire. He dashes off without a second thought, and as a result, the Princess is immediately snatched. Mario leaves in hot pursuit to save her. -summarySuper Mario Bros. has been a household name for over two decades. Besides the fact that the games can be incredibly fun, they built a reputation for being difficult plat-formers with Super Mario Bros. 3 leading the charge. That game went down in histor...

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As good as the original 0

New Super Mario Bros. runs the same sort of gameplay as the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES with an obvious graphical upgrade and some new abilities for Mario as well.  The game adds a few of the abilities that Mario has learned over the years in his various games (double/triple jump, butt stomp, etc).  There is also some new items to grab.  Tiny and large mushrooms that have an equal effect on Mario.  The gameplay and controls are just as good as they were 20+ years ago.  If you like plat...

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"This is only a tribute" 1

New Super Mario Bros: A two-dimensional side scroller in the vein of…Mario Bros. Story : A dystopian tale of love and loss, examining the inner workings of the human psyche under extreme duress in an age of industrial crisis. Just kidding, Princess gets kidnapped. Though in a sign that this is one of the less important Mario games, it’s Baby Bowser and not full-grown ordinary Bowser that you’ll chase after. I will say this; it’s nice to have a game that doesn’t start with 5 minute introductory c...

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great game 0

old super mario bros is hard to find but if you want the same action,excitement and fun buying new super mario bros. will satisfy you because it has the qualitys of all the super mario games created so far. this game is really worth buying if you love the mario brothers because you guys will get to play as both characters in an amazing ds single card wirleless download play or something like that . so what are you doing sitting on the computer go to eb games or gamestop  and get your copy of new...

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A new twist to a old classic 0

Since I don't own NSMBW yet, I thought I'd review the first one. Now let me start by saying that if you're an old fan of the original one, then you'll get used to this game really fast. The plot is the same only this time it's Bowser Jr that kidnapped the princess and not Bowser (Although Bowser still does show up in the game as the first and last boss.) You go to 8 different worlds (2 of which are hard to get to). Most of the courses are taken/ similiar to the courses from the original game. Pl...

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Fun while it lasts, but it's wasted potential. 0

NOTE: This review was written by me years ago, but it's never been posted on GB, so enjoy!***************New Super Mario Bros. marks the return of Mario in a brand-new sidescroller, which is reminiscent of classic games such as Super Mario Bros. 1, 3, and Super Mario World. In fact, NSMB is basically a hybrid of the three games, with plenty of evidence to support that fact. NSMB adds its own quirks to the time-tested Mario formula, and while it’s not completely successful, it’s a fun ride while ...

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Not much new here, but still a whole lot of fun. 0

THE GOOD: A great anniversary present for Mario's original adventure; great attention to detail; very polished; great tunesTHE BAD: Not much new with this New Super Mario Bros.It's about darn time we got a new 2D Mario game. How long has it been? 12 years? I'm not sure. But that is a long time. But it's the 20th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros, and as an anniversary present, Nintendo created New Super Mario Bros, a brand NEW Mario game. We should be excited for this. And we sure are...

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New Super Mario Bros. Review 0

New Super Mario Bros. Is an all-new 2D-Sidescroller for the DS. The game almost perfectly captures the feel of past 2D Mario Games.The gameplay stays the same but adds a few things. You kill enimies by jumping on their heads. If you get a super (red with white spots) mushroom, you get bigger. This also acts as a defense in case you get hit. If you do get hit you shrink back to regular size. If you get a mega (big and yellow with red spots) mushroom, you get huge for a short period of time and ar...

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The perfect 2-D mario game 0

I wont beat around the bush. This game is awesome ! The only thing bad about it is that it is too short. That might come from the fact that once you start playing, you wont be able to stop. Without a doubt, New Super Mario Bros. is one of the best reasons to buy a Nintendo DS and this game will please Mario veterans and newcomers alike. I tested it with a lot of  "non-gamers" and they all fell in love with it. Hardcore players will complain about the short lenght and rather low difficulty, but l...

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An instant classic in every sense of the word. 0

The wait is finally over, Mario has returned to his roots with New Super Mario Bros which to no great surprise is the next installment of the popular Super Mario Bros series. Fans have been crying out for a sequel for close to 15 years and this is Nintendo’s offering after a long vacation; nobody would deny that Mario’s 3D platformers have been integral to not only the franchise but to the entire platform genre but it certainly is welcoming to see it return home.The story will come as no great s...

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This game is great, and is a must have for the DS. 0

This is one of the top games for the ds, its as fun if not funner than the original. This is a great move by nintendo to release this game all revamped and more lively than the original. The graphics have been revamped and have a nice look to them. The levels are all new with the same classic style the original game had, which is a plus. I would suggest this to anyone who owns a DS and to anyone that likes Mario games. All and all this game is a must buy for anyone looking for a great Nintendo D...

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Great, Nostalgic Fun 0

We all (when I say all, I mean everyone) played Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Needless to say, it was probably the most successful game of all time. So that means, if anyone picked up New Super Mario Bros. on the DS they would instantly know what they were doing. After a really long run of games that followed the same formula Super Mario World was eventually  the death of the 2D Mario games... until now. This game doesn't have a lot of fan service, it practically is fa...

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Simpler way to get back to the roots, but without the Pizzaz 0

Sure, the game is 3D, stars Mario, satisfies nostalgia from the original Mario Bros., has secrets, multiple ways to go through the game, and even lets you play as Luigi -- but honestly, hasn't all of this been done before?The first thing that really left me unsettled was the lack of style to the game.  Pretty much, it was all recycled ideas and even character models from other games (like the Mario 64 model, or even a boss present in Super Mario Galaxy.)  Everything felt sterile and uninspired, ...

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