Anyone play this?

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#1 Posted by laserbolts (5506 posts) -

There's a deal on for this game and it's only 200 microsoft points. Since it is a multiplayer only game was wondering if anyone knows if people are still playing this game? If not then it is obviously a waste of points.

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#2 Posted by KingofClassy (71 posts) -

I am not sure on the 360 but I got it free with my 7970 and it was empty only a few days after launch, which was about a month behind the 360 version.

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#3 Posted by musclerider (815 posts) -

I just bought it for 200 points and had no trouble finding matches. I really hope that this game builds a community because I think it's a ton of fun.

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#4 Posted by pandorasbox (329 posts) -

Get it. Avoid the pc version, as it's sped up by 15% and way more a bad way. Also the pc version has maybe five people on at any one time and all of them are pros now. I was with nexuiz since the beta and even I have to admit that it's a bust on pc. 360 version is fine, though. It's haloish.

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#5 Posted by ds8k (431 posts) -

I played the PC beta and the game is no good. Bad Quake clone without anything that makes Quake amazing.

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