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    Nexus 2

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Q4 2012

    Nexus 2 (Working Title) is the sequel to the critically acclaimed but not entirely well selling Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. Just announced by the original game's developers production has started.

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    The original game Nexus: The Jupiter Incident was a critically acclaimed space RTS game in the vain of Homeworld 2, focusing on hulking space dreadnoughts surrounded by fighters mixed in with a mystifying story about an alien spaceship which held an AI. Noted for it's stunning visuals and tactical gameplay it has been a game kept afloat by die-hard fans and the occasional steam sale.

    Apparently returning to the series is Marcus Cromwell, the protagonist in the original game. Marcus returns to defend earth and discover the mystery behind the 'beings' known only as 'the Creators'.

    What we know so far

    • Genre: Space-based Tactical Combat, Strategy
    • Format: PC (digital download and special edition boxed version)
    • Project Status: Pre-Production
    • Funding Goal: Euro 400.000
    • Expected Street Date: Q4 2012

    A full six episodes of narrative content are planned, and it's promised as "a storyline that flourishes into a new level of mystery and intrigue."

    "It has been 25 years since the malevolent Entity was defeated, and the space-gate closed, liberating humanity from the yoke of slavery. In the meantime, humanity has spread across the solar system, and seen the emergence of the first “Psis”: psychically-gifted individuals who can direct the course of space, time and matter by the power of thought alone."

    It seems that these Psi-Humans are attracting unwanted aggressive attention from aggressive aliens from distant stars.

    Psi Powers

    The Psis bring a new angle to space combat in Nexus 2. Four different psychics are available to join Marcus on his flagship, each with unique capabilities and skills to affect one aspect of the battle.

    Two All-New Races

    As well as the familiar foes of old, two new races join the throng.

    The Sibling (oddly human in their appearance) are fanatical in devotion to their God, and the destruction and war he wishes apon humankind.

    And for the first time, the Creators make themselves seen the the Nexus Universe.

    New Units

    The universe has evolved in the 25 years since the conclusion of the first game and so have the races within, different ships, devices and support is promised.

    Spaceship Component System

    • Spaceships can now be composed of many different parts, allowing for powerful modular ships that can separate and recombine in different ways.
    • Space stations that require the player to destroy them piece by piece.

    Upgraded Core Engine allows for spectacular new visual effects and better performance, customisation of support ships (eg fighters), the addition of new planetary systems to create new kinds of battlefields and a completely remixed score.

    No firm date has been announced.


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