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    NFL Street 3

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 14, 2006

    The third installment of the NFL Street series.

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    NFL Street 3 is the third game in the NFL Street franchise. As in other Street games, the rules have been tweaked from the standard rules of football to allow more flair and bombast to the game, such as eliminating out-of-bounds. It's notable for adding a couple new features to the series.

    • Gamebreakers - Super moves that have a low chance of failing. Can include passes, tackles, jukes, and jumps.
    • Jumping - NFL Street 3 added the ability to jump off of walls and other objects scattered on the fields.

    The cover athlete is Chad Johnson (before he had his name legally changed to Ochocinco). Clinton Portis, running back for the Washington Redskins, also shows up in the game's opening cinematic with Chad.

    Game Modes

    NFL Street 3 has several game modes to choose from:

    • Standard - Normal street football match.
    • Bank - a competition to achieve the most style points (not necessarily touch downs).
    • Play Elimination - Starting a game grants a player a finite number of plays to use, each of which can be eliminated from the playbook if it gains zero or negative yards. The goal is to eliminate all of the plays of your opponent.
    • Pick-Up Game - Pick teams from all available NFL players, not limited to their team affiliation.
    • Time Attack - Possessions are timed. If the player scores, the remaining time is added to their score.
    • Yards for Points - Points are gained by gaining yardage: 2 points per yard on a run play, 1 point per yard on a pass play. Negative yardage subtracts from your score.


    There are several fields to choose from:

    • Georgia - A scraggy field beneath a highway overpass. Home of the Atlanta Falcons.
    • Illinois - A snowy street in front of the Chicago Theater. Home of the Chicago Bears.
    • Ohio - A skyscraper under construction. Home of the Cincinnati Bengals.
    • Texas - A desert airfield hangar. Home of the Dallas Cowboys.
    • New York - A snowy street during a blizzard in downtown New York. Home of the New York Giants and New York Jets.
    • Michigan - A hot and muggy warehouse. Home of the Detroit Lions.
    • Florida - A rain-slick freight dock. Home of the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
    • Washington, D.C. - An underground subway tunnel. Home of the Washington Redskins.
    • Colorado - A rundown drive-in out in the mountains. Home of the Denver Broncos.
    • California - Exclusive to the Playstation 2, a dusty field in the middle of Fort Mason. Home of the San Francisco 49ers. Exclusive to the PSP, a dock on the island of Catalina was used instead. Home of the San Diego Chargers.


    NFL Street 3 received the award for Best Alternative Sports Game of 2006 for PlayStation 2 from IGN.


    • Originally, the San Francisco field was going to be an abandoned prison yard on Alcatraz Island. This was vetoed by the NFL to not give the impression that NFL athletes were somehow seen as thugs or prisoners.
    • The Catalina Island field was to be included on the PS2 originally. Later, the decision was made to make it a PSP exclusive field and the art had to take a serious hit to work with PSP limitations.

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