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    NHL 11

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Sep 07, 2010

    The 19th annual release of EA's successful NHL franchise introduces a Canadian Hockey League license and a new real-time physics engine.

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    A truly exceptional sports title 6

    Last year, I reviewed NHL 10 and would have said it wasn't a necessary purchase for owners of 09 who weren't hardcore hockey fans. That isn't the case with this year's entry in EA's hockey franchise, though. It's a really impressive game that all hockey fans should buy (new, if you have any interest in some of the games most exciting features), but it's certainly not perfect. A lot was said about NHL 11's real-time physics engine in the months leading up to its release. Maybe it's my fault,...

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    NHL 11 0

     So I got it as soon as I could.  Second or third day I think.  It's the only sports game I buy, I follow other sports too but I am not interested in playing other sports games.   $79.  And change.  Thats the total that came up as at the Gamestop about 5 minutes from my house.  It kind of surprised me.  I guess it has been a while since I bought a full priced game.  Not that I always buy used, I like to support game developers and all, but I don't remember the last time I payed that much for a g...

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    NHL 2011 passes physics with flying colors 1

    NHL 2011 is the latest release in the EA NHL franchise, continuing the good old true simulation of Ice Hockey. The engine in which these next generation NHL games are run on had it`s face lift with NHL 2009, with board play, and the unique almost flawless control scheme.  NHL 2011 brings pretty much all of NHL 2010 to the table, with a few more modes, better graphics, and less overall frame rate. From the gameplay side of things, it is very much the best Ice Hockey simulation you can play, with ...

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    XBOX 360: Review: NHL 11 0

     Twenty years is a long time but it is the length of time that Electronic Arts NHL series has been around. Dating back to the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis days the series has gone through many, many changes and like any series, it has had its fair share of ups and downs. Over the last three years EA has left its closest competitor NHL 2K in the dust and the latest game in the series, NHL 11 is no different as it continues the strong pedigree set forth by it predecessors. At first glance NH...

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    Hockey @ It's Finest 0

    This is the most realistic hockey game ever made.  The amount of control is unparalleled in NHL 11 when compared to any other release.  The team @ EA added a realistic physics engine that have totally changed the way hits are delivered in the game.  Additionally, cool features like broken sticks and the effect that broken sticks have on the game were added to NHL 11.  Control in this year's game is so precise and really adds to the level of realism.  The minor addition of the hip check has compl...

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    NHL 11 Review 0

    By - RegianEA’s NHL series has been soaring to new heights the last couple of years. In my opinion, the quality of the NHL series has eclipsed even the quality of the Madden series titles the last few years. The question is, has EA brought yet another stellar hockey title to the table?NHL 11 brings a few new things to the table this year: First, a brand new physics engine to give those brutal hits that extra “Owww!” factor when you see them happen. Players doing flips, being thrown into the boar...

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    NHL 11: The Game: The Review 0

    As you may or may not know, I am Canadian. This attribute alone qualifies me to review a hockey game! OK, maybe that's not entirely true. It probably has more to do with me being an avid hockey fan and also that I may or may not have played way too many hockey video games in my life. Alas, I am here to review EA Sports' newest iteration on their NHL franchise, NHL 11. Curiously, it is not the 11th game in the series (curse you EA and your crazy naming conventions!), it is the 19th. I'll ...

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    Canadian approves of hockey 0

    It is just past the start of another NHL season and while I still maintain that my Leafs will surprise everyone and win the Stanley Cup, NHL has another game in the NHL series out. NHL 11 introduces many new features this year including broken sticks, a new physics engine, CHL teams, the Ultimate Hockey League, and new EASHL (EA Sports Hockey League) features.                The game sports Jonathan Toews on the cover (the second Blackhawk in a row to be on the cover). When you first put the gam...

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    Casual gamers (re)view 0

    EA's ice-hockey games have entertained since 1991. This being the twentieth anniversary game. For many including myself the third game from 1994 is special version and to be honest a last game that I used tons of time. Ice-hockey being very popular sport in Finland and Sweden and seeing how my friends were raving about the game thought I give the franchise a new shot. First impression after booting the game and browsing through the menus was the same feeling it has been for me, and for many. ...

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