Online Players?

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#1 Posted by Powers (26 posts) -

Any Giantbombers want to get a GM Connected league or something else together to play online?

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#2 Posted by MightyDuck (1848 posts) -

I'd be up for some multiplayer matches. I have it on PS3 though, PSN name - getwhatyagive

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#3 Edited by katimanic (209 posts) -

How is the GM Connected this year? It was unplayable because of the load times last year.

I have picked up every NHL came up until this one. I played the early access and had a good time with live the life

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#4 Posted by Rotnac (1256 posts) -

I would be up for starting up a GB GMC league if it's on the 360.

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#5 Posted by Powers (26 posts) -

I'm also on 360, but so far there are just the two of us...

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#6 Posted by scrappypixels (187 posts) -

Is this still going? I'm on the 360 and play a fair amount. I'd be up for some head-to-head also!

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