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    NHL 2K10

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Sep 15, 2009

    The newest hockey game from 2K Sports has Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin as cover athlete for the 10th anniversary edition of the game.

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     NHL 2K10 Feature List

    New Game Features 

    • 2K Share (Allows you to share sliders, rosters, player dna's, draft classes etc.)
    • Wii Motion Plus (Enhanced Wii Remote control scheme)
    • Mii Superskills (New Mii integration in a set of mini-games based on the all star skills events)
    • Classic Controller Support on the Wii version this year
    • New Uniform editing suite for created teams, that can be taken into franchise
    • Improved Graphics (brand new player models and faces)
    • Playoff / International Tournament Mode
    • New Team Budget system in franchise that has owners setting new salary restrictions year to year based on team performance
    • Fantasy Drafts (Franchise Mode)
    • New unique arena intros for all 30 teams

    New Gameplay Features

    • Stumble Shots
    • Improved AI
    • Ovi-Dekes
    • 1on1 and Power Moves
    • Stick Lifts

    New Online Features

    • Franchise games are now playable online
    • Team Up Mode allows you to create a uniform or persistent identity for your team
    • Franchise Blogging
    • Wii version now playable online this year
    • Wii version supports Wii Speak

     NHL 2K10 Soundtrack

    •  1901 - Phoenix
    •  Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires
    •  Feel.Love.Thinking.Of - The Faunts
    •  Time to Pretend - MGMT
    •  Too Fake - Hockey
    •  Take My Everything - War Stories
    •  Superstar - Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos
    •  Blue Day - Darker My Love
    •  Crowd Chant - Joe Satriani
    •  The Stuff - Tin Foil Phoenix
    •  The Victim - 2nd Day Crush
    •  Anything At All - Fono
    •  Take it Back - 20 Pound Shovel

    Future Releases of NHL 2K series

    This will be the last game (in the foreseeable future) that will be released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Take-Two announced they would only be releasing a Nintendo Wii version in 2010 (NHL 2K11).


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