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Hi guys. These are all simple questions but i have no idea where to find the answers so im posting here.

1) How do I make NPC battle characters use Psyche Up?

2) If i boost an allies Attack with sharpener (for example Oliver), do his familiars also get the damage boost?

3) How do i know if a creature is weak to an elemental attack?

Thanks alot

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Look in the manual for the elemental weaknesses. It's a pretty basic system if I remember correctly.

When you say NPC battle characters, do you mean the other human members of your party? If so, you can just switch to them. There MIGHT be an option in strategy to use items.

And I think when you give buffs to other allies, it only applies to that familiar or character.

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I got the digital version of the game, but if you mean the wizard companion manual, then ill check that.

The problem with switching to other humans and using psyche up, is when i switch back to oliver, they stop attacking or change the familiar, so theres no point.

As far as the buffs go, whenever i cast a buff it only gives me an option to choose a human, not a familiar, which makes all buffs useless.


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1.) They tend to do it automatically every now and then. It's not a very useful attack though.

2.) Don't bother with boosts unless you are doing a boss battle, as they are usually useless.

3.) The symbols next to the name usually lets you know, I played through the who game not caring about that and did mostly fine.

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Your allies are mostly useless. Just let them do their thing and ignore them.

The boosts apply to the team.

Weaknesses only really matter for boss fights and they're pretty obvious. Drippy will also pop up and tell you what they are.

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