Can't tell if money will eventually become a non-issue...

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Right now I'm roughly 20 hours in (I tend to be...thorough, so in reality this means I've got 2 people in my party, level 24-25, have just got my cauldron, and currently trying to obtain a ship, if that helps those who are playing), and while so far I wouldn't say money has been a big issue, I do feel like I'm holding back a bit on my spending because I haven't quite gotten the feel for whether money eventually becomes trivial. I've read/seen several places that you should make sure to spend your money before going in to a dungeon so that if you die you're not hit with a high 10% fee to revive, but I also haven't felt like dying in a dungeon is a real threat (yet?).

That being said, I find I'm usually sitting on anywhere from 6K to 10K guilders, purchasing equipment without thinking too much, but then holding off on what feel like 'expensive' consumables (also because I've got a relatively adequate unused supply of them already).

Has anyone else gotten far enough or have more of an idea of whether money at some point becomes an afterthought?

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@mrhaydel: I just finished the game and money was always kind of an afterthought. I tended to fight every single battle I came across though. A little ways after where you are now you'll start to get a fair bit more money from each encounter. I only spent money each time new equipment was available and always seemed to have plenty to go around.

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You get a ton of money from combat, but you can also fall down the terrible rabbit hole of constantly outfitting all your familiars with the best gear at each tier of shops.

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I'm in Yule, the winter area now, and the 60k guilders I had from sidequesting quickly evaporated from equipment that cost 7k a piece.

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Thanks for the anecdotes guys. I agree that it's real easy to blow money on equipment real fast, but, it sounds like so long as I stick with fighting pretty much everything I come across (so far I don't mind doing this), I should be in pretty decent shape.

Of course, as project343 alluded to, the trick will be to not overtly obsess about my familiars, party makeup, and their equipment! But, that's another thread topic I'd say. :-)

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