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I'm curious to know what familiars the Giant Bomb community is using. Do you follow character preferred genus'? Use top familiars like Dinoceros? One thing I don't read much about are Aquatica familiars. Have a favorite? 
I've been doing the min-max thing, as well as using "the best" familiars. However, it's really making the game easy to a point where it's detracting from my enjoyment of the game. I'm thinking of trying some new silly combinations, like a team of Cat Purrse/Puss in Boots/Puss in Boats.

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My choices have been purely cosmetic. I can't remember what Esther is rocking (or the names of them to be specific), but Oliver has a Fire Mite, a 3rd level Ice Queen and a Puss'n'Boots. Swaine has his 3rd stage Burley, a Beam Man, and my 3rd stage lemour.

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I just did some reading and found that mite isn't very good late game. So I'm going to go back a bit to get the cat familiar until I can load up my party with 3 Dinoceros. Also, I have a Whambat because he becomes Captain Whamtastic. Look at that guy!

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That seems to be a common thing, Esther and her 2 alternate familiars are entirely forgettable. Just leave her to do her thing with her Drongo. I'd like to give her some more options besides magic spam with the Drongo. 
I read that too. I dropped Mite the moment I saw a Purrloiner. I actually read Mite's worse than mediocre, like bottom tier. Kind of sad, as I do love the way the little guy looks. Thanks for the suggestion. Never thought of Whambat. Gonna throw him in when I get a chance to play again.

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