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#1 Posted by Sterling (4134 posts) -

I love the music in this game. I don't think I have loved the music in a game this much since Nier or Lost Odyssey.

You can listen to the OST here on youtube, I wont post the video links directly myself, as not to be spammy.

I find myself humming a few of the songs as they play in my head quite frequently. Just a little bit ago a co worker (yes I know, shame on me for being on GB at work) asked me what I was humming. I showed her the song on youtube and she is now sitting and listing to the whole OST at her desk.

And I found this while looking to buy the official OST, which is what actually prompted this topic. And I have to say, I disagree completely. The battle music is great, and does not get old after 1,000 battles. Even if I only hear 5-10 seconds of it.

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#2 Posted by Sanity (2158 posts) -

Yea, i also like the battle music, its not the best i'v ever heard but its not as bad as that article portrays it. My favorite battle music from a JRPG has to be from FF9 tho, specifically the music from the Beatrix battle.

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#3 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

Im not really big into vg music, but the fairy land circus type anthem was really good. Makes me happy, happy, happy.

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#4 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1390 posts) -

The music is fantastic! I enjoy all of iit, can't think of one bad piece.

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#5 Posted by Spoonman671 (5814 posts) -

It's great to hear music with that uniquely Japanese composition. I've missed it, having not played as many JRPGs this generation.

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#6 Posted by Demoskinos (17357 posts) -

@oulzac: Kotaku is fucking sensationalist garbage. And I agree the score is amazing especially the track you get when your flying around on your dragon. Its quite honestly quickly becoming my favorite JRPG in years.

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#7 Posted by Yadilie (390 posts) -

The music isn't bad but it surely is not great either. The whole soundtrack minus a few songs are rather generic and get tiring after a couple hundreds times of them reseting. Some songs just make me want to stop playing this game and pick up Dragon Quest 7. Course the music might just a minor reason added to other plethora of reasons.

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#8 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I never played the game much but the music is great. It is all well made and the tracks that stand out are very good.

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#9 Posted by Sterling (4134 posts) -

@me3639: I was kinda bummed that one was not on the OST.

@Demoskinos: Yeah, I have never been a fan of the site. I only tend to read articles from links others post, or I accidentally click a link from google.

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#10 Posted by dropabombonit (1542 posts) -

Thanks for the link to the soundtrack, I have been looking for away to listen to the music outside the game. The composer did say he would love to perform the soundtrack for a show like he did with other Studio Ghibli music, here is hoping that it will happen

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#11 Posted by Wheady (115 posts) -

yea, i gotta agree, the music in this game was great. the only thing was that there was only 2 or 3 songs used for dungeons which was a little disappointing. Other than that it was very enjoyable and ill be listening to this OST outside the game for awhile :D

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#12 Posted by TohruAdachi (275 posts) -

The Al Mamoon music is so addicting to listen to.

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