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Something familiar

I really blasted through this one so it must be good.

I loved the visuals and the music. It has that special something that most Studio Ghibli project share, adventure, wonder, just something special.

Funny writing peppered throughout the game but the actual plot was a fairly basic young boy must save the world, there were some interesting twists but I hope they go for something more in the next game.

Combat is overly easy with the exception of a few boss fights which really pushed my mana to it's limit; mana was a real issue through most of the game and kept me from using spells in all but the most difficult encounters, that isn't very good design as far as I'm concerned and is probably my biggest gripe with the game.

Alchemy was slightly annoying also, most ingredient are rare and by the time I had found everything needed I already had better equipment and crafting consumables requires you to refer to a separate recipe book and memorize the formula... nope.

Even after spending 50+ hours with the game and finishing the story, there are still a tonne of secrets and post story content that only opens up after finishing the story, there is a lot to do and I definitely enjoyed my time with this game.

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