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Previously a writer for Shacknews and member of the Idle Thumbs podcast. Nick's departure from San Francisco to go work for Bethesda caused the first demise of the Idle Thumbs Podcast, until its 2010 reformation as "The Idle Thumbs Podcast" in which Nick was replaced by Steve "Hot Scoops" Gaynor, and occasionally by Sean "Famous" Vanaman. His departure led to the popularisation of the anguished cry "Fuck You Nick!", or the simpler "Fuck Nick!" by legions of lamenting Idle Thumbs fans. To this day he is infrequently greeted with this statement by fans, and sometimes goes by the pseudonym "F. Nick Breckon." In March of 2013 Breckon returned to occasionally co-host Idle Thumbs. His rare appearances have led to the phrase "Breckoning it" becoming used amongst the cast whenever they miss an episode.

Nick used to work as a community manager for Bethesda, where he among other things updated the Bethblog and orchestrated the podcast.

He is now a Game Writer working at Telltale Games. He worked on The 400 Days DLC for season 1 of The Walking Dead, going on to be credited as a co-writer on Episode 1 of Season 2 along with Andrew Grant. He was also credited as the writer of Episode 2 and co-writer of Episode 5, along with Pierre Shorette.

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