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    Nick Stokes, played by George Eads, is a character in the TV show CSI and its licensed games.

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    Nick Stokes, played by George Eads, is a character in the TV show CSI and its licensed games. An affable and well respected member of the team, he has worked his way up to CSI Level 3 and is Assistant Night Shift Supervisor.

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    Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Austin, Nick is the son of a judge (his father) and a lawyer (his mother). He is the youngest of seven children and mentions that he stood out from the pack through athletic and academic ability. He tells Ray Langston matter of factly, “I’m from Austin. I grew up playing football.” It was revealed during a season 1 episode (Pledgling Mr. Johnson) that Nick was a member of a fraternity and was family with hazing.

    Nick is one of the more emotionally switched on members of the CSI team and his empathy gives him a tendency to get more emotionally involved in cases than others. This has caused tension and occasionally raised voices in the team, however despite this Nick is seen to generally be affable, friendly and bright.


    Throughout the first 9 seasons of the show, Nick held a strong, brother-like friendship with fellow CSI Warwick Brown. Their relationship was close enough that they often pulled each other up when they felt the other had stepped out of line and this never soured their friendship. After his death Nick set up a college fund for Warwick’s son.

    Greg Sanders provides a much lighter friendship for Nick, with Nick often sharing jokes with the lab-tech turned CSI. Nick has good working relationships with the women of the team and is often mildly flirtatious with them. Gil Grissom acted as somewhat of a mentor to Nick and this mentor-student angle characterized much of their relationship, with mutually held respect.

    Since Raymond Langston came aboard the team as the most inexperienced CSI, Nick has taken on the role of mentor himself, often taking Langston with him to scenes and providing a sounding board for Langston’s ideas. This has coincided with Nick stepping into the Assistant Supervisor role.

    Buried Alive

    Nick has been subjected to many crimes during his tenure as a CSI, including being held at gunpoint and having his car stolen, but by far the worst was being buried alive. In the season 5 finale, Nick was drugged using ether then buried alive in a perspex coffin, rigged to explode with semtex if a sensor detected that he was being removed. In addition to this fireants found their way into the coffin and Nick suffered the pain of being bitten by many of them. This ordeal was so horrific that Nick was close to killing himself by gunshot with a gun that had been placed in the coffin with him. Just in time he realised that Warwick was digging his way down to get him out.


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