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    Nico Robin

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    Nico Robin is an archaeologist and a member of the Straw Hat crew. She has the paramecia-type hana hana no mi (flower-flower fruit) and was Crocodile's partner in baroque works with her codename being miss all sunday. Her dream is to find the true history (Rio Poneglyph). Robin spent two years with the Revolutionary Army at Baltigo.

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    Nico Robin is an archaeologist and a member of the Straw Hat Pirate crew in the series One Piece. She is a survivor of the Ohara incident, and is currently looking to discover the true history of the Void Century.


    Robin was born on the island of Ohara, which was famous for its brilliant scholars. Her mother, Nico Olivia, left Robin when she was just two years old in order to pursue the discovery of the truth behind the Void Century. Growing up, Robin lived with her Uncle, who had constantly abused Robin physically and verbally.

    Robin was often called a freak because of her Devil Fruit ability. Many kids would talk about how she was a demon, and that they should avoid her at all costs. Robin's best friends on the island were the scholars, whom she studied archaeology from.

    At the age of eight, Robin had aced an archaeology exam and was inducted as an official scholar of Ohara. When she revealed her intentions of discovering the truth of the world like her mother, she was threatened by the scholars that if she continued to spy on them, she would be banned. This causes Robin to run of crying, and she ends up finding a giant named Saul washed up on the beach. The two quickly become friends, and Robin would continue to visit him each day as Saul was building a raft to leave on. Eventually, Saul learns that Robin is Olivia's daughter, and warns her that the government was sending battleships to destroy Ohara due to their research on the secret Poneglyphs.

    Olivia had returned to Ohara after barely escaping the Marines, telling the scholars that the government had discovered they were behind this kind of research. She explained that it is highly likely that the marines were on their way to island to kill them all. Despite the warning, the scholars did not want to leave and give up all that they had discovered.

    Robin returns to the scholars and asks if her mother is on the island, to which Clover denies, since Olivia is wanted and did not want to endanger her daughter. Robin does not believe him however. Clover quickly tells Robin she needs to leave Ohara and to not tell anyone that she is an archaeologist. Robin refuses, and CP9 enters the tree.

    The scholars are arrested, and other inhabitants of the island were placed on an escape boat. CP9 had located a Poneglyph, and the scholars were sentenced to death on the spot. Clover tries to make a statement about why the world government is hiding the Void Century, but before he can finish, he shot point blank and is nearly killed.

    Saul comes looking for Robin, as Robin and Olivia are briefly reunited. Olivia tells Saul to get Robin off the island and to make sure she is safe. Robin begged Olivia to stay with her, but Olivia refused, stated she had things to take care of.

    As Saul had brought Robin to the island shore, marine ships were already there and opened fire, recognizing Saul as a traitor. This enrages Saul, as they could have easily hurt or killed Robin. Saul was challenged by then Vice Admiral Aokiji. At this moment, another then vice admiral Akainu blew up on the escape boat, killing everyone on board in case an archaeologist had managed to sneak on board. This angers Saul and Kuzan.

    Saul then tries to flee with Nico Robin but is frozen by Kuzan. Before he is completely frozen, Saul tells Robin to set out to sea, and that someday, she would find her true friends. Saul then smiles and does his trademark laugh (Dereshishishi) as he is completely frozen over and killed.

    The scholars have Ohara had thrown as much books and findings into the ocean with the hope that someone would find them, and use them to uncover the truth. Realizing they've done all that they could, they settle as the tree around them is burning. Olivia states she is sorry she couldn't have given her any words as a mother.

    Robin then makes her way to Saul's raft, where she is greeted by Kuzan. He stated that he was going to let Robin go because Saul was a personal friend of his. He had set up an ice path that Robin could follow and reach a safe island. He warns Robin that if she does anything stupid, he will be the first to come after her.

    Robin spent the next 20 years traveling and avoiding the world government. Since the age of eight, she had a 79 Million Belly bounty and was coined as a demon by the Government, who claimed Robin and the scholars had planned to revive the Ancient Weapons and destroy the world. (Which is obviously a lie) She was taken in by many different people, including pirates, who attempted multiple times to turn her over to the World Government. This led Robin to believe she was cursed, and caused her to have trust issues with people.

    Eventually, she met Crocodile and joined his secret organization, Baroque Works under the alias Miss All Sunday. She later reveals the reason she joined was so she could discover the Poneglyph of Alabasta.

    Eventually Robin found the Poneglyph, but did not get the information she desired. She refuses to tell Crocodile the information on the Poneglyph, which enrages him, and causes him to strike Nico Robin. Later, as the tomb was collapsing, Robin decided she didn't want to live anymore, and wanted to die in the tomb. Despite her resistance, Luffy was revived after being poisoned and rescued her by carrying her out.

    At the end of the Alabasta arc, Robin appears on the Straw Hats ship, stating she wishes to join since Luffy had saved her life. Luffy accepts, but the rest of the crew is not so accepting. (Except Sanji) Robin quickly wins them all over though, except Roronoa Zoro.

    Robin stays with the Straw Hats until the Water Seven arc, where she mysteriously disappears. It is later learned by the crew that she is going with the government to be executed for her "crimes" so that they will not pursue the rest of the Straw Hat crew. This causes the Straw Hats to chase after Robin, entering Enies Lobby (A government controlled facility) to bust her out.

    When Luffy and the rest of the crew are finally reunited with Robin, Luffy demands Robin tell him she wants to live, and then he will save her. Robin tears up, and screams that she wants to live and go out to see with them again, prompting Luffy and the crew to rush in.

    After she is rescued, she happily stays with the Straw Hats, realizing that she had indeed met her true friends as Saul had predicted.

    After being sent flying and separated from the crew by Bartholomew Kuma, she is encountered by members of the Revolutionary Army, who claim to have been searching for Robin for a very long time due to her history and her abilities as a scholar of Ohara. She is offered to join them, but refuses, saying she is happy with her current crew.

    During the two year timeskip, Robin had stayed with the revolutionaries. Meeting and befriending Monkey D. Dragon (Luffy's father), Sabo (Luffy's sworn brother), Koala, and Hack.


    Robin is usually a very calm and collected person. She spends much of her time with the Straw Hats reading books. Unlike Nami, she seems to find the perverted nature of Brook and Sanji funny.

    She seems to have a very dark sense of judgement, often suspecting fellow crew members die or something will kill them, much to the horror of Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper.

    Robin is also incredibly smart, being officially recognized as an archaeologist by the scholars of Ohara. She is one of the only known people in the One Piece world who can read the Poneglyphs and decipher their true meaning.

    Powers and abilities

    In addition to being incredibly smart, Robin is also a capable fighter if need be. She is the current user of the Hana Hana no mi (Flower Flower Fruit) which allows her to sprout multiple body parts. She often uses this ability to sprout hands on her enemies, using it to snap their necks. She is also able to combine many parts into one giant part, such as a giant pair of feet that she can deal massive damage with by stomping them. She can similarly make a bunch of hands to form a pair of wings that allow her to temporarily glide of fly. This ability seems to be very strenuous on her, however.


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