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    Nicole Brennan

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    Nicole was Isaac Clarke's girlfriend. She was a worker for CEC on the Ishimura before things went wrong.

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    I missed you.
    I missed you.

    Nicole Brennan was Isaac Clarke 's girlfriend. At Clarke's insistence she took a position as chief medical officer of the CEC planetcracker starship USG Ishimura. It is suggested often that the two were close before the Ishimura incident. After the marker's impact, people on the Ishimura witnessed a weird infection caused by alien DNA samples scattered around the ship.

    As a medical officer Nicole had to witness the deaths of many of the ship's crew, one after another, while she could not prevent it due to lack of any known remedy and medical supplies in general. The more people died, the lonelier she became until she was completely isolated in the med lab. Fear, anxiety, frustration and loneliness weakened her spirit and caused her to choose the easiest way out. Before she could be reached by the brutally murderous Necromorphs, she recorded a video for Clarke that explained her situation, apologized for what she was about to do, and finished the video by committing suicide on camera; using an empty syringe to give herself an air embolism.

    Unfortunately, due to signal degradation, only part of Nicole's message made it to Isaac, leaving out the segment where she kills herself, giving the message the appearance of a distress signal. Later, after Isaac made his way to the Ishimura, he unknowingly fell under the marker's influence and hallucinated that he saw Nicole several times, even encountering her "in person" on a number of occasions. These appearances were marked by her use of the unusual phrase "Make us whole again". The marker used this image to convince Isaac to return it to its pedestal on Aegis VII.

    Just before Isaac leaves the USG Ishimura, Nicole appears again and joins him on the executive shuttle. Down on the planet, the illusion appears before Isaac for the last time to say, "We are whole again," shortly after Isaac places the Marker on its amplifier. Then, she disappears, likely because she no longer served any purpose to the Marker. It is shortly after this that Isaac's coworker Kendra Daniels, who had been secretly working against Isaac the entire time, plays Nicole's suicide video for him in its entirety, revealing the truth to Isaac (and the player) for the first time.

    In the final cut-scene, when Issac manages to flee Aegis VII on the Ishimura executive shuttle, the devastated survivor notices Nicole's body, now transformed into a Necromorph, as she leaps toward him.

    Nicole Brennan is voiced by Iyari Limon in the first game Dead Space and Dead Space: Extraction, and by Tanya Clarke in Dead Space 2, where her likeness was changed to that of the new voice actress.

    Dead Space:Downfall and Dead Space: Extraction.

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    In the animated prequel movie, Dead Space: Downfall, Nicole was encountered by the main characters. She was in panic, but was comforted by the main character, Alissa Vincent. Alissa asked if she had a boyfriend. "Nicole" nodded, and then Alissa said if she wanted to see him again, she'll have to stop panicking. Nicole fate is not made known in the film, for her appearance was just a cameo.

    In Dead Space: Extraction, Nathan McNeill, Gabe Weller, Lexine Murdoch and Warren Eckhardt meet Nicole upon awakening in the medical wing's quarantine section, with Nicole having judged them not to be infected. Shortly upon releasing them, she leads them through the medical wing, seeing for herself the horrors wrought by the Necromorphs. She is left near a security barricade with several ship guards while the party leaves. Near the end of the game, McNeill and Murdoch witness the video of Nicole's suicide, unable to intervene as the transmission is a one-way signal.


    • I am so lonely here.
    • I wish I could talk to someone.
    • I loved you Issac, I always loved you.
    • Make us whole again.
    • It doesn't matter. She can't escape her fate. None of us can.

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