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    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Feb 23, 2017

    NieR: Automata is an action role-playing game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

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    A Truly Inspiring Masterpiece 3

    After having sunk around fifty or so hours in to Nier Automata I can comfortably say it is nothing short of a profound masterpiece and an astonishing example of the medium of video games at its absolute best taking all of its strengths and putting them to tremendous use, regardless of whether they formed things that were familiar or distinctly different everything was handled with so much care and clearly a tonne of passion from all aspects of the game development process involved.Dork boy and c...

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    A pair of androids start a journey that leads to a uncertain conclusion 0

    Over the years I’ve seen games that tried to take the multiple perspective angle with the story they were trying to tell. Most have done an average job at best but now a game has taken it to a whole new level. That game is named Nier Automata. Since I don’t want want to spoil any details I’ll be focusing my review on 2B's storyline. A quick set up of the story is that humans have fled to the moon after an alien invasion. They decide to build a android army to exterminate the a...

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    NieR: Automata Review (Spoiler-Free) 0

    Back in 2016, I continually caught myself saying “games haven’t had a year this strong for a very, very long time.” I’m thankful to be eating these words a bit, because so far, 2017 has provided us with an even greater bounty of amazing experiences - some of which I now consider among my all-time favourites. We have games like Persona 5, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil: 7, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Night in the Woods, PUBG, among many more - and we're only halfway thro...

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    A lot to offer, and a lot of confusion 0

    (Note: This is my Steam review of the game. Steam review allows for a limited amount of characters, thus, I didn't have enough space to reflect on certain things like graphics, soundtrack, and performance and more opted to reflect my overall experience of the game. Thankfully, by the time I played it, I didn't have the same performance issues everybody else did and the Soundtrack is phenomenal.)Nier: Automata has something to say. Are you willing to go through a long, game to hear it and still k...

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    Return of the Eastern RPG 0

    I've played some fine RPGs this year, but until now, none were compelling enough to warrant a full review. I binged on Persona 5 this spring, giving at least 120 hours of my life to another fantasy romp through modern Japan. It was definitely fun, but it wasn't groundbreaking like Persona 3 and 4 were on the PS2 10 years ago.As the summer drew to a close, I dove into Final Fantasy 15, hungry for a game I'd been waiting forever to play. It was impressive on a purely technical level, but solid re...

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    Meta-Game of the Year 0

    *I'm reviewing the PC version.Nier: Automata on a fundamental level is a good action game that has solid foundation of heavy and light combat system with some shooting mechanics. The adversary one faces is numerous in types and attacking patterns, scales well to your level and experience, and there are a plenty of customization options to improve your experience and tailor it to many preferences.The plot is about a couple of special combat androids fighting the robots that aliens used to invade ...

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    Transcendental Realism 0

    Appearances deceive. And even though I consider myself a person that respects that trap, I never expected that beneath the surface of a videogame with high-heels and samurai swords I would come across a narrative built on robust philosophical arguments about consciousness, self-discovery, life and History. This is what happened to me in NieR Automata, the new videogame from Yoko Taro, in collaboration with Platinum Studios: after a few hours, and some plot points revealed, I started to question ...

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    A Beautiful Game 0

    This is a beautiful game in just about every way and I highly recommend it. There are a few complaints. For people expecting a standard Platinum game, they might find the combat to be too simple, but that's a matter of perspective. This is a sequel to Nier, which was more or less styled after Zelda with its high leeway and lack of emphasis on inputs. Automata's combat fits this template and it does it admirably.Sidequests (which I recommend doing) often have you trekking through the same enviro...

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    The "Ah-ha" moment 0

    It's going to be hard to articulate how I feel about this game; there is so much I liked but I have no idea why, couple that with some pretty rote gameplay it's really strange how much I enjoyed it.This game's charm is it's undeniable weirdness, the story, the way that it turns your expectations or brings things that I've never seen before or even considered was really appreciated.There is no "Ah-ha" moment in this game it is just a slow but constant progression into strangeness.I don't know wha...

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    NieR: Automata 0

    It had its moments, some better than others.In the distant future, humanity doesn’t live on Earth. It was lost long ago when aliens attacked and humanity fled to the moon. For centuries humanity has been trying to reclaim their home by sending androids to fight the machines that rule the Earth. In this never ending struggle 2B is paired with 9S. Their task is the same as all other androids, to defeat the machines so the Earth is safe for humanity once again. This task sounds simple but it...

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