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    Nigel West Dickens

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    Character from Red Dead Redemption.

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    Nigel West Dickens is a merchant who sells 'tonics', and claims to know a cure for all ailments. He generally speaks in a high class tone, and describes his coach as being a 'trojan horse' for use against Bill Williamson at Fort Mercer. He frequently makes comparisons to the fall of Troy, and other such things. The voicing for Nigel West Dickens is performed by Steve Rimpici.


    The first time West Dickens is encountered, he is lying badly injured at the roadside. Marston must bring him to the doctor in Armadillo to ensure his survival. West Dickens then proceeds to use Marston to help him sell his tonics, as they need someone else who is in on the plan to look believeable (if you didn't realise, he's a swindler). West Dickens also enters Marston in a race, to help earn some money to properly equip his carriage for storming Fort Mercer. 
    After several successful deals of tonics, West Dickens is ambushed by two men, who call him a 'fucking charlatan', and cause all the townspeople to rise against him. Marston covers West Dickens as the two men travel to a secluded area to continue their planning, where West Dickens enters Marston in a race to earn more funds for upgrading the carriage. 
    West Dickens frequently tries to find reasons to delay the attack on Fort Mercer. However, he eventually goes through with it, and drives the carriage into the fort. When in the fort he uses his normal speech, and successfully allows Marston to let rip on Williamson's men. After this, he leaves - but soon returns afterwards to let the attackers know of reinforcements coming to the fort.

    About West Dickens

    According to West Dickens himself, he has thousands of happy customers from his tonics. However, as the game soon shows, most of these people were merely conned out of their money by a cheating, lowlife, fraudster. Nigel West Dickens wears a top hat, and an expensive suit. He does not appear to be armed, as he does not carry a weapon of any kind that is visible.

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