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Nightshade is a 1991 adventure game developed by Beam Software and published by Ultra Games. The game play is primarily point and click adventure, but turns to action during fighting segments. Nightshade is an up and coming super hero in the fictional city of Metro City. All of the criminal organizations of Metro City have been united by an Egyptian themed super villain named Sutekh. The city was previously protected by a super hero named Vortex who was murdered by Sutekh. The user interface features a health meter and a popularity meter. The popular meter is affected by the actions that Nightshade takes through out the game. Nightshade's popularity increases from doing good deeds and defeating enemies, and it decreases when Nightshade runs out of energy. The citizens of Metro City have a habit of calling Nightshade "Lampshade", although when Nightshade's popularity meter increases the citizens call him by the correct name. When Nightshade runs out of energy he is put in a death trap by Sutekh, and has to figure out how to get out of it. The first four times that this happens, it is possible to escape the death trap. The fifth time however, escape is not possible and the game is over. The game has a bizarre sense of humor, and bad puns are riddled through out.

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