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    Nikita Dragovich

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    One of the main antagonists in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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    Nikita Dragovich led a contingency of Russian soldiers to capture Steiner and bring the biological weapon Nova-6 back to Russia. Once they got a hold of Steiner, him and Dragovich entered the ship that held the weapon accompanied by the Russian soldiers. When they found it, Dragovich tested the weapon on his own men, leading to the deaths of Dimitri Petrenko and others.

    Dragovich is responsible for the brainwashing of Alex Mason, which occurred while Mason was suffering in the prison Vorkuta after being captured. The brainwashing was supposed to turn Mason into a sleeper agent, and he his mission would be to kill United States President John F. Kennedy. However, Viktor Reznov sabotaged the operation and changed it so that Mason would assassinate Dragovich and the other men would finger themselves.


    Dragovich's death occurs in the last mission. Mason, Hudson, and a large contingency of soldiers assault a ship that Dragovich is using to send a broadcast to his sleeper agents, after which Nova-6 would be activated. Mason and Dragovich fall off a ledge together, and Mason chokes Dragovich to death. During the brief conversation before the kill, Mason says "You tried to get me to kill President Kennedy!", and Dragovich responds with "Tried?", implying that Mason actually did assassinate the President.


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