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Nine Ball is the name given to the famous red-colored AC that has appeared throughout different installments in the Armored Core series, often as a challenge towards the players at the end or after the end of the game.

Hustler One

Hustler One
Hustler One

The original pilot of the AC Nine Ball, Hustler One has been the highest top rank Raven in the Arena since the first two original Armored Core games, Armored Core and Master of Arena. Not much information about Hustler One, as few Ravens are willing to challenge him and he rarely accepts mission. He served as the main antagonist in Master of Arena when he him killed the The Raven's family, then The Raven joined the Ravens' Nest in order to take his revenge.

But the truth about Hustler One is that he was given a super-advanced AI as revealed in Master of Arena.


Nine Ball comes in many forms and looks though out the series, from the original parts to newer parts and different type of ACs. Despite with all the changes, Nine Ball still keeps with the same red-colored scheme, no matters what type of games that Nine Ball is in.

Nine Ball

Original Nine Ball
Original Nine Ball

Though out of the series of Armored Core with different look each games, Nine Ball remains the same middle-weight class AC sporting a red and black color scheme. Nine Ball emblem is a solid black circle with a golden-amber 9 over it. Its weapons often consist of a laser blade, a pulse rifle, a missile launcher, and a grenade launcher. Due to the Human PLUS enhancements, Nine Balls performance are far more better than other ACs encountered in the games.


  • Head: HD-X1487
  • Core: XCL-01
  • Arms: AN-K1
  • Legs: LN-1001B
  • Generator: GBG-1000
  • Boosters: B-VR-33
  • Arm Unit R: XG-XP2000
  • Arm Unit L: LS-2001
  • Back Unit R: WM-S40/2
  • Back Unit L: WC-GN230

Nine Ball Seraph/Ultimate Nine Ball

Nine Ball Seraph in Another Age
Nine Ball Seraph in Another Age

An heavily enhanced version of Nine Ball. This model classified as an AC unit, using completely exclusive parts that cannot be obtained at all for the player. But one thing remains the same are the red-black color scheme. One of features are two oversize resembling thrusters engines that transform into a Overboost-like bird-mode. It also fires large missile volleys towards to the players. The arms contain machine guns and pulse guns as well a laser blade in each arms with blade wave capability.


  • Pulse Rifle/Cannon
  • Vertical Missile Launcher
  • Dual Missile Launcher
  • Dual Laser Blades
  • Machine Guns/Chain Guns

Nine Ball ( Armored Core: Nexus)

Nine Ball/???
Nine Ball/???

This version of Nine Ball in Nexus isn't an AC but a Special Weapon, similar to Pulverizer in Last Raven. The Nexus version uses the same type of weapons that Nine Ball Seraph used, but the only difference is that the Nexus version uses Dual Pulse Rifle for faster firing-rate, as well as a Plasma Rifle, very powerful energy weapon. Another changes to this Nine Ball version is that the model has this fold-down mechanism for it's head, it allows for it to access the Grenade Launcher on it back.

The Japanese version of AC: Nexus has the name label "Unknown (???)", then when the game was release in North America, it refers as Nine Ball.


  • Grenade Launcher
  • Vertical Missile Launcher
  • Dual Pulse Rifle
  • Plasma Rifile

Baby Breath

AC Baby Breath
AC Baby Breath

This AC is not count as Nine Ball, but a VR Arena Al named Code: Crimson. Unlike the version of Nine Ball in first Armored Core game, Baby Breath replaces the Pulse Rifle with a Linear Rifle and the Vertical Missiles for Micro Missiles. But Baby Breath still keeps the same middleweight, bipedal design and color scheme.


  • Head: YH12-MAYFLY
  • Core: CR-C98E2
  • Arms: A05-LANGEUR
  • Legs: CR-LH80S2
  • Booster: CR-B83TP
  • Generator: CR-R91
  • Radiator: ANANDA
  • Back Unit R: MAGORAGA
  • Back Unit L: CR-WB78GL
  • Arm Unit R: CR-WR93RL
  • Arm Unit L: CR-WL69LB


  • "Those who wield too much power...Those who only bring chaos...They are simply not part of the program..."
  • When facing Nine Ball Seraph: "Target Verified. Commencing hostilities."
  • When facing Nine Ball/??? in Nexus: "Destroy. Destroy! DESTROY!"

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