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"Ninetails is the true form of the evil that dwells on Oni Island and seeks to destroy the Ryoshima Coast. Nine souls inhabit nine tails, each acting independently. According to legend, Ninetails can only be defended against with the Celestial Brush. Burning the tails temporarily weakens it, and a lightning strike to the sword causes the souls to split apart. Strike the final blow when the true form of the fox emerges." - Ninetail's bestiary entry from Okami


Ninetails is a major boss from Okami, often referred to by characters as the dark lord. She's a fox demon with nine tails and a powerful sword. She rules a migrating fortress called Oni Island while plotting against the people living around Ryoshima Coast and Sei-An City. The source of her power is an artifact known as the Fox Rods, which get taken away at one point forcing her to resort to trickery and impersonating a priestess in order to get Amaterasu to do her dirty work. Ninetails also makes the first mention of Yami as the greatest presence of evil in the land.


One of Ninetail's most unique attacks involves mimicking the Celestial Brush and using powers similar to Amaterasu. She can draw an attack as Amaterasu attempts a power of her own and use blizzard, inferno, galestorm, or cherry bomb. Another threat involve Ninetail's tails, as they can spit acid or shoot out of the ground. Every now and then, she will resort to using her sword for sweeping slashes or rapid stabs. It's also her greatest weakness as hitting her sword with lighting will cause Ninetails to split into sword wielding priestess impostors.

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