Demo up in Japan, impressions and how to get it!

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So the demo is up in Japan. You can download it if you have a Japanese Gold account(read how to get one here). Unlike the Resident Evil 5 Japanese demo, this one will work on any 360 console(at least when you've unplugged the network cable).

The demo is the same as the TGS one. It didn't feel at all like a Ninja Gaiden ripoff, more like DMC without a gun. The combat is smooth, and the three weapon types all work well. There's a lot of QTE's, but it doesn't feel annoying at all - the cutscenes were gonna be there anyway, so why not put a little interactivity in there? At one part you got to either dodge or slash up enemies while running down the wall of a skyscraper! How cool is that? In the end there was a giant spider boss fight. You didn't get to finish it, but what you got to play was really neat. Dodging his shockwaves in slo-mo ninja vision was sweet as hell...   Anyway, judging from the demo this game will be awesome(I'd say it's a lot better than NG2, but then again I hated that game) and I'm definitely buying it.
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I'm not gonna go through all this hassle just for a demo. But from the gameplay clips I have seen so far I am definitely excited for this game, and I agree that it doesn't look like a Ninja Gaiden clone at all.

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Hassle? It takes about 5 minutes(and your 4 first live accounts get a free 1-month gold membership).

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this game looks like crap dude. sony is supposedly working on a new ninja game, supposed to be reallly good. 

im tired of wanna DMC, ninja gaidens and god of wars. this new ninja game is supposed to be really cool though. 
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Have you played the demo?

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