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Quick time Ninja go ! 0

Ninja Blade makes a solid first impression with decent presentation, an over the top story and very cinematic quick time events. Then its downhill from there with repeating bosses, repeating levels, shallow combat, boring environments and more... Ninja Blade puts you in the role of Ken, a modern day Ninja thats a part of an elite Ninja group called in to save Tokyo from a crisis concerning a type of parasite that´s slowly turning the whole city to horrible mutants. A couple of minutes into the s...

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Despite its flaws, Ninja Blade is an absolute blast 0

With the growing mainstream popularity of video games, expectations of interactive grandeur are higher than ever. It seems developers all over the world are competing to see who can produce the biggest display of processing power and artistic vision. Are the days of fun, mindless action games coming to an end? “Not a chance!” proclaims the protagonist of the Xbox 360 exclusive Ninja Blade, as he smashes a wrecking ball into a giant spider. And that’s not a metaphor, that’s the first level of the...

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Yep, that's a Ninja Blade alright 0

  Title: Ninja Blade Release: April 7, 2009 Genre: 3 person action Developer: From Software Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Platform: Xbox 360 Rating: M (Mature) Product Link: Website: Source Link: Game designer Tomonobu Itagaki (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) from Team Ninja recently stepped down from his position settin...

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A game made up of cliche 0

   Basically, Ninja Blade is the forgotten child of Ninja Gaiden. No love, or attention for the game. Although a game like this might be a smash oversea, it doesn't really appeal to western gamers interest.    The story is basically just there for you to do a bunch of crazy, law of gravity, defying stuff that no one else can do because your a Ninja. You'll hang upside down on airplanes and jump hundreds of feet and land without a scratch. You won't just be watching though, you'll be interacting ...

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Quick time o-plenty. 0

For seven hours I put up with this crap.  After only a couple hours, I knew this game would never get really fun but more annoying.  I sure was right.  For a ninja, this guy moves like crap.  I was so sick of wall running or just any of the time killing BS.  The combat never got cool or fun.  I spent more time running and fighting bosses or mini bosses.  And gawd was that tedious crap.   Upgrading weapons didn't seem to have an effect.  The quick time events were so long and so many of them, I w...

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In a Unique Level of Insane 0

The cover does no justice to the insanity that is Ninja BladeAll the criticisms for Ninja Blade are all legitimate:Yeah, it isn't a great looking package in the XBox360 library. Yeah it story is paper-thin. Yeah, it's gameplay element mimics other series like God of War and some franchise named Gaiden. These portions of the game do not inspire much confidence about the game's quality... until you see the cutscenes.Silly, unlockable costumes do not deter Ken OgawaIn those sizable moments of the g...

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QTE Mastery that is Ninja Blade - My Darkzero Review 0

There’s no doubt ninjas are cool. Just look at some of the video gaming ninjas like Ryu Hayabusa, Strider Hiryu, Rikimaru, Gray Fox and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All these ninjas, even though some don’t play by the stealth rule, all show some sort of awesomeness about them. From Software is helping the cast of remarkable video game ninjas by adding their hero, Ken Ogawa from Ninja Blade, which is From Software’s latest action game.Set in a future locale of Tokyo in 2015, Ninja Blade tell...

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An 8-year-old's idea of being cool 0

Have you ever had that one geeky friend when you were a kid, that had the lamest imagination out of everyone you know with not an ounce of originality, aside from the fact of "trying way to hard to please" with his stories. The ones that would pit Boba fett and Wolverine against every single powerranger. You know...that kid. Well guess what, that kid just made a videogame after playing certain ninja fable related games and downing three cases of Red Bull. All while being confined to his p...

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An All Around Shoddy Effort 0

 Some games hold up well over time. Their timeless gameplay, outstanding art direction, or powerful story ring just as true ten years after release as they did the day the game was put onto store shelves. Then there are those games that focus solely on pushing technological boundaries. Some look prettier, some try to be bigger, and some just try to be more ridiculous than any game before. Eventually, though, technology evolves, new gameplay elements are created, and these games' lack of c...

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At a discount: HELL OF RAD 0

Ninja Blade is a game in which you watch shit flip out constantly through a haze of explosions, ridiculous character design, nonsensical narrative and motorcycles. I picked it up for less than 10 bucks (which it should cost everywhere by now) and for that price I can't think of a more pleasantly retarded experience. The game simply doesn't let up. Mechanically it is fundamentally sound but not particularly enthusiastic, but in the scenarios it conjures up there is almost nothing else comparable....

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I see potential in this game! 0

There is only one thing to say about this game. And that thing is call fun, while others see this game as a rip off. Ninja Blade brings fun into the table, and no one can contradict to this matter. A lot has said about the graphics, and graphics are not the only thing. The game brings game play, and this should be emphasized. No game in this world is perfect, but when a game makes you play the game in the late hours of the day. This can be close enough to perfection. I can admit the game is not...

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The game showed promise but had more bad moments 0

This game is no Ninja Gaiden that was release in 2004 for the XBOX but it should fill any void you might need until later this 2009 year. The game takes you six years into the future, 2015, when a small village in Japan gets attacked by weird creators. Survivors of the attack were moved for research and the original site became known as the “Alpha-Site”. Researchers find that the creators infected the survivors as their skin starts to decay. Also, the survivors start to gain strength, resilient ...

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