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At a discount: HELL OF RAD

Ninja Blade is a game in which you watch shit flip out constantly through a haze of explosions, ridiculous character design, nonsensical narrative and motorcycles. I picked it up for less than 10 bucks (which it should cost everywhere by now) and for that price I can't think of a more pleasantly retarded experience. The game simply doesn't let up. Mechanically it is fundamentally sound but not particularly enthusiastic, but in the scenarios it conjures up there is almost nothing else comparable. It is just fucking bananas throughout. My girlfriend walked in on me playing it and started laughing at the expression on my face. This game is ridiculous enough to make my expression hilarious. 
I can't recommend this bullshit enough. It's the game equivalent of the most hilariously bad B-movie you can imagine. It's fun, generous, intense and often laugh-out-loud funny in its ridiculousness. Ken Ogawa stands out as one of the worst character designs in memory, which makes it double fun that From Software specifically point out that Microsoft assisted in his design. 
If you can see it for cheap (and I mean cheap), do yourself a favor; Grab it and run home to play.

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