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A magnificent game that is hurt by length and sometimes controls.

I'd first like to begin by saying, This is my first Ninja Gaiden game.This game has inspired me to try out the rest of the series because from what it feels like, this series is a button-mashing series and I love button-mashing.Anyways here I go...

The Gameplay is great. All you got to do is slide your stylus across the screen a million times till all the monsters disappear and you can move to the next area, any blind person can do it!(I'm not blind) The bad thing about it is that sometimes your attacks don't stop right away so if you have to move or something you can't really do it till your attack stops or till you get hit, unfortunately that happend to me as many times as i slid the stylus across the screen.

The Sound is great. I enjoy hearing the monsters get sliced with Ryu's sword and when they make that last shriek before dying. The tunes fit great with the situations and area so no complaints there.

The Graphics look pretty good for a DS game. Bosses look amazing, environments look great, and Cut scenes look alright. The little kids in the village look funny and do funny things you might enjoy that.And uhh that's it...

The Game is very short it lasted me about 6hrs. But the game lets you play through the same story in a harder setting, which I personally won't do, but if you do it you can unlock some useless things such as cut scenes you've already seen and some character diaries.

So in conclusion I'd say it's a game very worth having but if you don't like th length and replaying games then it's a game you might want to avoid.

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