I freakin' love this. I also HATE this game so much.

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Ninja Gaiden II has some combat that feels amazing. Everything is appropriately meaty, chunky and devastating, both in how it sounds and feels. However, I am really failing to grasp how anybody thought this camera positioning was competent. Also, all boss battles in this game are some of the worst since Devil May Cry 3. They feel cheap and random in the same way, again, as Devil May Cry 3 constructed its boss battles. 
I love so much about this game, but there is also so much of it that is actively pushing me away and frustrating me. Thoughts?

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I had similar feelings when I played it. The core combat is fun, but the game is frustrating in the worst ways. Difficulty is part of Ninja Gaiden's "thing" but I wish there was a "just fucking around" mode where you could just cut dudes without consequence.

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@Slaker117: I just don't understand how you go into a sequel and the main complaint is, "yeah, the camera is kind of fucking broken and makes the game nearly unplayable in spots."

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