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The game that is the same thing as before.But with a hot lady.

Well this is Ninja Gaiden Sigma(and some crooked M:)) and it is basically a remake of Ninja Gaiden for the regular Xbox.The main thing that this one adds is the ability to play as Rachel and some other add ons were you can shoot arrows in mid-air,and fight on water surfaces and that was all.Well I watched the great KVO video review of this and he said that the difficulty was scaled down a little bit...and that meanie!He lied....but that is just my opinion he is probably much more skilled at video games then me so he could probably tell the difficulty change.I want to really get all the bad out of the way so.Well the camera is absouloutly the worst I've saw in a game.While the sword play may get repetitive to some,I found it very exciting and bloody...real bloody...really bloody :) yeahhhh blood.But they might get bored because they will just say you hack you slash you die you restart you hack you slash then you kill them.But I find it very fun to block a attack roll out the way and jump in the air and press triangle in which it will make Ryu fly across the screeen in a second and be-head the oppenent.Next is the graphics.They are superb with from what I've saw no frame rate drops everything is smooth and beautiful.The controls are very smooth.Just press down with the D-Pad and you'll heal some health and all the UT's are really fun.The story in this one in not brilliantly great but it is a lot better then some other games that have got more praise then this(ie Halo 2).The level design is beautiful,you'll see many amazing looking enviroments and you'll see some really gritty enviroments.


Re-play value:Well the story is good and the fights are brutal but you wont want to go through this one more than two times.

End it!All-in-all this is a great game that at the price it is at now deserves a buy.Even if you haven't played a Ninja Gaiden game in your life,this is a great start

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