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Sigma review

For my second review I have selected a stand-alone Playstation 3 title (at the moment in time), Xbox fans (*cringe*) may know some of the other titles from: Team Ninja, yes that’s correct, I’m going to be reviewing:

Ninja Gaiden: Sigma(genre: action-adventure)

‘The evil dark dragon blade...

A legendary sword, said to be carved out of the bones of a black dragon, it brought plague and death to the world during the age of ancient myth.

It has been sealed by those of the dragon lineage since the dawn of history because of its incredible capacity of evil, made possible by the souls of the vanquished black dragons that dwell with in it.

It is said that if the blades seal were to be broken, it would gather the hatred and evil of all mankind and confer it upon the one who wields it, transforming him into the devil incarnate; however not even those of the dragon lineage who protect it know of the true extent of the power...’


‘The Dragon sword...

Another weapon protected by the dragon lineage since ancient times.


This sword, which is said to have been used by ancient warriors to slay the black dragon, is now handed down from generation to generation in the Hayabusa ninja clan, the modern descendants of the dragon lineage.  And now, the dragon sword is gripped firmly in the hands of young ninja Ryu Hayabusa...’

  If you have read the top bit you know what’s going on and how it’s going to end, by the sounds of things, but for those of you whom have not read the top quote from the inside of the instruction manual (yes, for once people, I actually read one, and you know what?  It’s full of sugary icing cake-ey goodness.  Sorry people ‘the cake is a lie!’)  Moreover, there are a lot of essential things in there that you will need to know, for example: Back history, character info, basic combos and about the world of Ninja Gaiden.

Sorry to go off on a tangent there, so, you play a young ninja named: Ryu Hayabusa, he goes to find is master ninja / uncle Murai.  On the way you have to do various tasks and puzzles including hacking ‘n slashing enemies with non-familiar combos, until they fall on the floor spouting blood (not really what I would call realism, but game play shore does make it up). 

After 5 - 15 minutes of game play, depending on how good you are, you come to meet with Murai and ‘ta-dah’ your first boss battle, and because it’s one of those games, you have barely any vitality you will have to hit him a lot of times before the final blow, which can be tricky for first time players. 

Within the cut-scene you both are interrupted by Ayane, a young kunoichi (female ninja).  The Hayabusa village is under attack by a mysterious evil fiend (Doku).  This (greater) fiend Doku has entered the Hayabusa clan’s village in search of the dark dragon blade.  The flaming hut, in which Doku stands, beside him Ryu’s childhood friend Kureha laying deceased.  You playing as young ninja: Ryu, attempts to stop this evil fiend with revenge over his loss of Kurenha, but are unsuccessful and thus you are on a journey to find (you know what).

Not forgetting a new character to the Ninja Gaiden title: Rachel, A fiend hunter, she is continually searching for her sister who was turned into a fiend.  Rachel has ‘super’ genes that give her super strength and allow her sense where other fiends are, but at the expensive price of turning herself into a fiend. Now that’s a thing I wouldn’t consider un-needed self-sacrifice, your sisters a fiend, what you gonna do, well one is to do what Rachel has done, or you can sit at home play computer games and eat chips, I prefer the second one (smiley face), what about you?

Yes the story line is ‘good’, but I think that they could have done a lot better with it.  Being new to this title, I thought it would reside within an historical time, I was truly mistaken, and it is more of a fantasy-modern day game with: Japanese ninjas, fantasy fiends (monsters) and secret agents. Moreover, the story-line would have been a hell of a lot more enjoyable if it had a few plot twists in it.

Stunningly brilliant with self-shadowing beauty mover over it contains 60fps (frames per second) graphics.  But yet again with any PS3 title you can only unlock the full potential with a HDTV and the compatibility or contain 1080I/p. Team Ninja have really tried hard with this compared to some of their other titles and it has really shone through for them.  Truly amazing, you will find out for yourself when you buy it.

Game-play, hmmmmm, yes. After I received Sigma as a Christmas gift last year I decided to do a little research, and well, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Some people have said that they will not play this game because of Ninja Gaiden’s reputation.  Apparently Gaiden has a reputation for having the puzzle difficulty of insanity even on the earlier levels.  And soon to realise yes, it does have the puzzle level of insanity.  On the other, away from the puzzle side, there are complex combos that you will have to learn before the time of your ass getting kicked left and right, then being impregnated with exploding kunai and dying repeatedly.  For different type of people playing this game you can find and upgrade different weapons from the singular basic dragon sword, to the big chopper, to the Bo staff, e.c.t, also not forgetting that you can also customise features and looks of your female as-co (assistant co.)  Rachel. 

All-in-all I think that it will keep most people amused for several hours even though it does have a storyline which could have been put back in the development process (oven) seen as it is PS3 title the Sony name should mean a hell of a lot better than Microsoft.  The story could have had at least one really plot twist, but for some reason it just keeps pulling me back and telling me to play more and more.

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