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    Ninja Train

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 20, 2009

    Xbox 360 Live Indie game from Japanese Dot Zo Games

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    Ninja Train is retro themed platformer game. Player is controlling a Ninja who's task is to collect as many coins as possible. The action is spread over three short levels. The unique aspect of the game is view angle. This is done from inside a moving train or aeroplane. Making the view obscured by passing buildings and the window frame itself. The gameplay follows forced scrolling as Canabalt or Bit Trip Runner where player can only control the speed and jumping. Each level last only couple of minutes. The Ninja can also perform a double jump and air dash. Few various power-ups such as parachute outfit allows the coin hungry martial arts expert to reach coins located higher and glide after coins even faster.

    Game is presented in simplistic 2D style, deliberate 8-bit look, similar to he other Ninja games from Dot Zo Games. Music is simple oriental styled chiptune matching the game light style.

    Game is available for 80MS point's in countrie's where XBLA Indie games are available.

    Link to the Ninja Train page where the game and a time limited trial version can be downloaded.


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