Hell Hath No Fury Like a Nintendo Fan Scorned

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The 3DS is slowly turning into the biggest boondoggle since the Virtual Boy. Man, I love that word; boondoggle.

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Another stupid move by Nintendo. They should just keep that addon as Japan-only for MH, wait a bit, and release a new 3DS with built-in dual joysticks. That addition alongside some GOOD releases will bring in more sales. I know I'd buy one if that was the case.

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@Giantstalker said:


I, myself like the word kerfuffle.

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@selbie: Yeah, that's really smart. Make it so owners of the original 3DS are shut out of the games that use two analogue sticks. That is definitely the best move. You really know what you're talking about here, man. Good job. 
Anyway, I'm hoping they do localise this because MH is what I'd buy a 3DS for, definitely. It's also what I'd buy a Vita for in the future, I'm sure.
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To quote Will Smith (Tested), "Don't buy something which promises to be great, buy something which is great right off the self" the hardware design for the 3DS was just never there. It's a common trend nowadays to always plan for the worst and hope for the best, but I just don't buy Nintendo would be stupid enough to add a huge attachment like this unless it was a freebee, they're not stupid! If it does come then Patrick is right, there will most certainly be a hardware revision which is great news to me!

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I feel pretty burned by Nintendo at this point. Yes their hardware is innovative, but lately it seems to fall short with what their audience wants. They try to retrace their steps but in doing so they hurt the fans that supported them the most by buying the their consoles/handhelds at launch. They've cancled releases for the US, canceled Mega Man Legend, dropped the price of the 3ds and tried to make up for it by giving away nostalgic games ( it's a good idea but again most Nintendo fans already own these games somewhere else ) I personally can't say I have at this moment even the slightest shred of interest in a Wii U which so far looks like an HD Wii with an added Ipod touch screen controller for at most 2 people to play on in a single household setting, and they haven't so far shown anything on what they plan to do to compete/innovate their own version of a PSN or Xbox Live. I loved Nintendo of the past but right now if you asked me what i would want Nintendo to do, I think it would be awesome if they became a software company and made their first party titles for xbox and psn, as well as provide insight to hardware developement for Sony and Microsoft. This probably wont ever happen and they may just go bankrupt. Nintendo is very innovative, just horrible at execution and it could very well be their undoing.

Also for those of you saying that eveyone is "bitching" because they paid too much for a 3ds, for me it wasnt so much a qustion of a price, but im just curious what version of hardware do you typically wait for before a purchase? 3? 4? if so how do you think nintendo, or apple, or any hardware company that has a quick obsolete turn around make money, and in doing so is it fair to the consumer?

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Honestly, screw my 3ds at this point. All i care about is the Vita now.

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#208 Posted by selbie (2478 posts) -

@krabboss: Sorry to pee in your cheerios, but haven't they already done that by announcing this peripheral? It's like the Wii Motion Plus all over again.

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#209 Posted by jasondesante (616 posts) -

now what if the new 3ds had 2 circle pads, 2 L and 2 R
and MULTI TOUCH Screen???

that would be cool

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This is simply hilarious. I don't know why all the outrage. It is the 90's all over again, I agree. What's next, a CD Add on for the 3DS? The 3DSCD? I pity the developer not named Capcom that chooses to integrate this into their game and fails. Desperate company is desperate.

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#211 Posted by AaronChance (148 posts) -

Never, ever gamble on a first release, especially when it comes to Nintendo and how often they update their handhelds. If you were paying attention at all, you bought a 3DS knowing you would get burned in a year or two. All Nintendo has done this time is accelerate the cycle.

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#212 Posted by thebazel (66 posts) -

The way you don't get Monster Hunter is the way us in Japan don't get you and your Call of Duties. It's a different culture, not just with taste but with the availability of portable play time. Don't you get that yet?

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#213 Edited by Brackynews (4387 posts) -

Yup, I am more pissed that Sony didn't do this 5 years ago.

But I also don't have a 3DS, so that probably helps. With the apathy.

Uhm, can I get a paddle or trackball control? Maybe? No? Ok.

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#214 Posted by foxmulder (1887 posts) -

I hope the 3DS Lite is as awesome as the DS Lite is...it's too bad the 3DS has no games for it at all...

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#215 Posted by MormonWarrior (2945 posts) -

I'm pretty much done with new Nintendo at this point. I admit, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are probably my favorite games ever but that doesn't change the fact that I got seriously burned by the Wii. I was an early adopter of the DS and I was angry with them then. They dropped the price some $20 within the first year, if you recall, and there wasn't a game worth owning until Kirby Canvas Curse some nine months or more later. The Wii never really took off like it should have, as I was disappointed by every single game on the console other than the Galaxies, as I mentioned.
This is probably why I'm just building up my SNES library right now...

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#216 Edited by deactivated-57c23600813c8 (302 posts) -
@AaronChance: Agreed. Anyone who saw all the DS revisions should have seen this coming. I will however, have no problem buying a vita on day 1, as my PSP-1000 stayed totally viable for the duration of its use (minus upgrading the battery once).
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If Nintendo is remodeling the 3DS to have two analog sticks, they are doing the right thing.  If they also give it a bigger main screen that would take up most of the upper lid, I might even think about getting one. 
Fanboy rage is good for a few laughs, but the world doesn't revolve around them.  The 3D gimmick fell on its butt (and gave me a headache after 5 minutes, I dunno maybe I would get used to it) but except for the 3D we have a product that isn't very innovative.  Nintendo is doing what it needs to do to make a viable competitor to the Vita.
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#218 Posted by Tsoglani (595 posts) -

Outrage over a thumbstick? Really? WTF, people must be either crazy, or not have better things to do with their time. Seriously.

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#219 Edited by ryanwho (12011 posts) -

I wouldn't call the people who shit on Nintendo at every opportunity "fans". You haven't been reading responses from fans, you've been validating responses that align with your own bitch attitude. Get a hobby, Pat.

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#220 Posted by Gildermershina (408 posts) -

I would not be surprised to see a new 3DS model, but an additional circle pad is not something I would have expected. For one, you're instantly splitting the user-base at that point. The DS Lite was better in almost every way to the original DS (I preferred the original clicky d-pad myself) but they didn't add buttons or functionality. The stuff they added in the DSi wasn't widely supported - because at that point the DS was cooling off.

At this point I think any new 3DS model should address battery life, maybe blow up the top screen a bit, and just refine the actual design of the thing. Dual analogue to me only feels right when you have triggers, or at least, lower shoulder buttons. I know they're in this new Monster Hunter attachment, but adding those on a 3DS revision body? That seems far-fetched to me. Isn't the touch-screen supposed to be the ultimate analogue input anyway? At some point if you go down that route, why even have that vestigial thing taking up so much space on the bottom screen? Why make this a dual-screen system in the first place? Couldn't you just make one big screen with touch?...

I just realised I'm kind of suggesting Nintendo had made the Vita instead of the 3DS...

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#221 Posted by 71Ranchero (3413 posts) -
@ryanwho said:
I wouldn't call the people who shit on Nintendo at every opportunity "fans". You haven't been reading responses from fans, you've been validating responses that align with your own bitch attitude. Get a hobby, Pat.
Well said. Moths to a flame and all that.
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#222 Posted by P_Pigly_Hogswine (104 posts) -

It's hardly surprising. Nintendo have a long history of forcing the upsell of peripherals with certain games. When I recently sold my Wii to a friend, I couldn't believe how many types of controller and connector and add-on I had. Needed a whole bag just for the extra controllers.

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#223 Posted by niyoko (77 posts) -

I have no desire. Monster Hunter Tri was a joke. And like all jokes, they are fun at first, but you tire of them if it is the same joke being told over and over. Tri's biggest problem was the lack of monsters. Monster Hunter Portable 2G had more and it was all stored on a UMD for christ sake. How much extra space was left on the Tri DVD disc?

I'll be at TGS, but I hope that this is just a side note to a bigger Monster Hunter announcement on the PS3 or Vita.

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#224 Posted by volcboy84 (8 posts) -

Good thing I am rich 

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#225 Posted by Aaron_G (1681 posts) -

If Nintendo releases new hardware after I bought my 3DS before price drop, I will may very vey mad. I know it was a gamble, but I didn't consider Nintendo would add a new input at all. If Nintendo does this, they owe me a new system. No free games this time will make due.

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#226 Posted by BlazeHedgehog (1265 posts) -

You know, if any of these cats don't want to keep their 3DS anymore, I'll gladly take it off their hands, gratis.

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#227 Posted by JakeLogan (226 posts) -

I have wrought ruin upon your gaming sesibilities.  I have damned peripheral developement just by merely existing.  I hold the Japanese gaming market by the balls, and I'm not letting go without a fight. 
I am Monster Hunter.  And I will it.

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#228 Posted by UItros (25 posts) -

How discouraging. All I ever read regarding Nintendo now a days is just negative. I hope everything works out for those that bought the 3DS.

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#229 Posted by ChristianCastillo (1186 posts) -

Whoever is bitching about this needs to stop, if you don't like it don't buy it.

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#230 Posted by rwcohn (144 posts) -


Nintendo towards is greatest successes

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#231 Posted by madhattervx (107 posts) -

I don't get this. Why are all these fans whining? Isn't the analog optional to use? Will the addition of an analog stick stop people from creating new games for the system? No. So get over it guys. Seriously.

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#232 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I'm not sure how to explain but yeah, Nintendo fans feel fucked.
Again we support Nintendo with their new ideas and shit, we get left behind.
Like Wiimotion plus, that shit shoulda been in from the start.

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#233 Posted by GioVANNI (1317 posts) -

If this rumor turns out to be true, I'm probably never going to buy another Nintendo handheld again until Pokemon is released for it.

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#234 Posted by chickdigger802 (575 posts) -

I'm confused, but not really pissed.

90% sure a second analog won't be in any 3ds revisions ever. Probably the next system though.

Now stop forcing me to question my loyalties with these bs annoucements and hurry up and release those big N titles!

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#235 Posted by Zithe (1060 posts) -

@JoWill1986 said:

I don't understand why everyone is so mad over this topic. If the second analog stick makes games better and brings in more games and 3rd party support then its a win-win for everybody.

...except the people who just paid a couple hundred dollars for what will be an obsolete piece of trash (assuming a redesign, not just the add-on).

Whatever. If a redesign gets announced (this is what people are angry about, by the way, because it seems rather likely) then I will just cut my losses and sell my 3DS to GameStop or something. I sure as hell won't be buying anything else from Nintendo anytime soon.

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#236 Edited by mewarmo990 (854 posts) -

@ChristianCastillo said:

Whoever is bitching about this needs to stop, if you don't like it don't buy it.

That's not it - the bitching is coming from buyer's remorse both from people who bought the 3DS at full price and the many that jumped after the price drop. They feel like they're getting screwed and nickel-and-dimed out of a potential hardware revision, because even though it's a peripheral targeted to a particular game and market, it's another sign that Nintendo is quickly trying to distance themselves from the flawed launch model.

Anyway, if you're cautiously waiting for the first major 3DS revision, like me, this is actually good news despite the internet rage.

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#237 Posted by madhattervx (107 posts) -

I just don't buy launch systems. Just wait a little bit after launch, it solves the whole problem.

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#238 Posted by AFreak (31 posts) -

Mein gott

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#239 Posted by GozerTC (487 posts) -

Well aren't I glad I don't buy Nintendo. :)  

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#240 Posted by Fobwashed (2733 posts) -

I actually wrote into GiantBomb about this on 7/15/10

No Caption Provided

Thought it was totally weird that nobody was mentioning the lack of a second stick. I guess most thought the touch screen would suffice but apparently not.

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#241 Posted by Fobwashed (2733 posts) -

@mewarmo990: Do you really think that Nintendo would take this beyond a peripheral and actually build it into the next hardware revision? My gut reaction was that they would, but thinking about it, it didn't work for the Wii Motion + (Not many games supported it) and doing so would fragment the 3DS user base. Which would be bad for everyone. Also, I have no idea to what extremes Iwata would have to take his appology for something like that.

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#242 Posted by Zithe (1060 posts) -

@Fobwashed: I think it probably wasn't questioned the same way the PSP was because the original DS got by just fine and all it had was a D-pad. When I bought my 3DS, I was expecting, and am still hoping, that it will focus on the same types of gameplay experiences we got from the DS.

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#243 Posted by cikame (1967 posts) -

It's weird that Nintendo have to consult with Capcom about creating comfortable controllers for their games when Sony and Microsoft just go ahead and launch with them.

Remember the revolution that was 2 analog sticks?

Yeah, still just as great now.

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#244 Posted by Fobwashed (2733 posts) -

@Zithe: I hear you, but the original DS games were more 2D centric titles focused on using the stylus while the 3DS has 3D in the name of the console itself and the majority of the titles shown were 3D games. Navigating in 3D worlds tends to be much easier with a second stick for either camera control or aiming and it was those 3D games where the lack of a second stick really stuck out in PSP titles. Also, when the DS released, the need of a second stick wasn't really a known thing like it has been since the PSP. After the PSP, a new handheld releasing without at least 1 analog stick wouldn't even be considered unless you start looking at things like mobile phones and iDevices. Even in those platforms though, for games that are more console/handheld type games, they emulate dual analog or on screen buttons which I think is pretty gross but necessary.

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#245 Posted by Zithe (1060 posts) -

@Fobwashed: I absolutely agree that a second analog stick is an obvious improvement if not a necessity for most polygonal-3D games, but as I implied before, these types of games are not what I want from my 3DS. The "3D" in 3DS refers to the other kind of 3D, which can be done just as well if not better with 2D gameplay. I am really hoping they just stick with the things that worked on the original DS but use a higher resolution with the option of adding in actual 3D, not polygonal-3D.

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#246 Edited by Fobwashed (2733 posts) -

@cikame: Strange, I actually feel like Nintendo has always been ahead of the curve in controller design. The NES controller invented the Dpad, which at the time was pretty awesome even though the controller itself was a sharp edged box. The SNES introduced shoulder buttons. The N64 was the first console controller to have an analog stick and the rumble pack was new to the game when Starfox came out. Gamecube was a bit hit and miss with the giant A button, but I did really like the shoulder buttons that had the extra click when fully depressed. The Wii. . . well, it's somewhat uncomfortable to hold and while the system and majority of it's games may not have lived up to expectations, the accelerometers coupled with the pointing functionality was pretty innovative as well.

Sony on the other hand, came in with the PlayStation, which had a comfortable grip but was pretty much cribbing off Nintendo's playbook while adding a second shoulder button. They added dual analog after N64's analog stick. They also added rumble to the dual shock after the N64's rumble pack. They added sixaxis after the wiimote until they went full on copy paste with the move. I think the only legitimately new thing they did control wise was the playstation eye, which seemed underused.

Microsoft's first controller was the behemoth Duke controller. They should have consulted someone that didn't have giant man hands -_-;; I used the shit out of it up until the more reasonably sized S controllers came out. Since then, I don't think they've really added much to their controllers. The guide button was nice and the kinect is at least innovative.

*EDIT* I just wanted to throw in that the 360 controllers are my current favorite controllers. I'll take the D-Pad mushiness over the strangely shaped and easily misspressed L2 and R2 buttons on the PS3 Sixaxis. Also, what the hell were they thinking making it without rumble initially.

As far as controllers go, it seems like they're consulting with Capcom just to get their one super Japan franchise on the system. In both cases it was for that crazy hunter game. Nintendo may have fucked up a grip and itterated like mad, but they've always been slightly ahead of the curve in terms of input devices. Oh, and there was the DS which everyone thought was crazy =P

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#247 Posted by liquidfox00 (33 posts) -

I'm not upset with the peripheral but a S an early adopter I would hope I'm not seeing a redesign that drastically alters functionality so soon.

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#248 Posted by infestedandy (355 posts) -
@Zithe: Don't be the guy who sells anything back to GameStop. Sell it on eBay and you'll make 200% more, I promise you.
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#249 Posted by SayuNowi (966 posts) -

I dont get why ppl QQ.. nobody forces you to buy it.

todays gamers are lame

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#250 Posted by AaronChance (148 posts) -

@liquidfox00 said:

I'm not upset with the peripheral but a S an early adopter I would hope I'm not seeing a redesign that drastically alters functionality so soon.

If Monster Hunter sells well on the 3DS, there will be a redesign with the second stick in 2012. This move would have to be a spectacular fail for it not to be included in the next revision.

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