Louvre uses 3DS as museum guides

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Announced in December, this collaboration between the two companies results on the launch of the Audioguide Louvre-Nintendo 3DS app.

According to Nintendo, the new app comes replete with more than 700 audio commentaries and high-definition photos of the Louvre's collection, as well as a detailed mapping function that allows visitors to identify their exact location within the expansive museum.

How do you guys feel about this use of the 3DS? Are there any other cases of consoles being used for uncommon purposes?

(might as well put a source: why not verge?)

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#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

Is the 3DS common enough in France that this would make sense?

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Seems like a neat idea, but I'm surprised it's a 3DS thing, and not a phone thing. This sounds way more like it'd be an iPhone app than a 3DS app.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Is the 3DS common enough in France that this would make sense?

I think you put a deposit down on one rather then use your own.

If Im not mistaken, Disney did the same thing but with the DSi a few years back.

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@Video_Game_King: The Louvre has the consoles themselves. Instead of handing an audio player they give a 3DS to the visitor (5 euros I think is how much you pay for it). What I can't tell is if someone has the 3DS already and can download it or if the app is exclusive to the consoles on the museum.

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#6 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (756 posts) -

How odd.

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At the Mariners stadium here in Seattle, you can use a DSi to order food, watch game highlights, play trivia, and look at stats.

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I actually like that idea, especially because the Louvre is a huge museum that I kinda got lost in when I went. Also as an Art History student, I can appreciate how confusing some art can be so additional information on the works would be nice, especially for those who don't want to sit through college classes.

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Disney's version of this is called "Disney Magic Connection".

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I wish I could have gone to the Louvre without people. I really enjoyed walking around and examining the art and architecture of the building, but hated how loud and obnoxious people are. Why do people feel the need to pose in front of art.

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@Th3_James: It's called "pseudo-intellectualism".

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I would bring a Vita, hold it up for someone to see and then point at their 3DS and say "that BELONGS in a museum!"

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I would've liked to walk around there alone as well like the girl in the advertising/whatever it is. When I was there, you could barely see any of the paintings because of a several meter thick wall of people standing there for hours on end.

Even though some of the features seem a little silly like the 3D view of statues (You can see a HD textured version in real life just by looking up from the 3DS!), this certainly is a great step forward from the little audio things.

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Other than the US military ordering PS3s from Sony (I think this happened?), I can't think of consoles being used for unconventional reasons.

I assume stealing isn't a problem. This is really cool, though. Good for Nintendo.

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