Nintendo DS Connections Problem on 3DS

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I am having some difficulty trying to use the Nintendo DS connections on my 3DS. Since my NetGear N600 router doesn't use WEP, I can't complete those settings and since Pokemon Black/White 2 is releasing in about 2 months, I would like to correct this. On the Nintendo support page, it mentions enabling MAC filtering but I do not know how to do that. The other option is to turn your wireless router's broadcast setting to off, which I don't know if I should do or not.

If anyone can help me out on this, it would be greatly appreciated.


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I know most DS games do not support WPA and WPA2, but I thought Black/White and the forth coming Black/White2 support WPA and WPA2. I have the same exact router as you do. Go to "QoS Setup" and turn on "Turn Internet Access QoS On." Then click "Setup QoS rule." Now click "Add Priority Rule" Under "Priority Category" click "Mac Address" then add your 3DS' Mac Address and make the priority of it Highest. Try that and see if it works. If not, try changing your router's security to WPA.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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I got the DS to be added to the QoS but no luck. I looked it up and it does seem that Pokemon Black/White 2 will support WPA & WPA 2, at least that is what many people think. I haven't gotten a definitive answer so I'm not too sure.

Thank you for the help JJOR64!

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