Quick Questions about the 3DS and Street Passing

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With the whole Pokemon X/Y and now Fire Emblem: Awakening Bundle nonsense, I have been looking into getting a 3DS. I normally would wait until my birthday (in June) to get such a thing, especially considering Pokemon isn't out until the fall, but I am going to Pax East this year in March. I always here so much about street passing at these events, and seeing as I have literally no clue how street passing (or the 3DS in general) really works, I have a couple of quick questions.

  1. Should I go with the regular 3DS or is the XL worth the little extra that it costs?
  2. Is street passing at something like Pax fun/interesting enough to warrant me picking this thing up now instead of maybe getting it as a birthday gift over the summer?
  3. Kinda Question 2: Part 2: how the hell does street passing work anyway?

Thanks for any and all help!

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  1. If you're going to use it on the go often and don't have a habit of carrying some sort of bag with you, get the 3DS. Otherwise get the XL.
  2. It's a neat distraction but doesn't add anything of substance unless you have the right games for it. There's a fair amount of upkeep necessary at an event like PAX because there's a limit to how many street passes your 3DS can store at a time. Once you hit that cap (12 or so I think) you have to go into your games and clear out your street passes before you can pick up more.
  3. When you're close enough to another 3DS that has street passing enabled, your systems will talk to each other and share a small bit of data. On a system level this will give you the other person's Mii and let you snag a puzzle piece from them and use them for one turn in the little RPG adventure they have. The puzzle game just gives you 3D images to look at and the adventure earns you hats for your Mii. For other games the effects vary. In Street Fighter you can collect little figures and have them fight against each other via Street Pass. With Nintendogs you can give each other presents. In Final Fantasy Theatrhythm you can trade your player card which displays your stats and includes one of the randomly generated songs from the Dark Crystal (IIRC).
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@StarvingGamer: Ok then, I will have to look at what games I would want and if the streetpass feature for them are neat (or if it even exists), then go from there. I would totally get Theatrythm so it's good to know at least 1 game I am interested in supports it. Thanks for the info.

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it's cool for waiting in lines at pax because you will clear out the street passes and then it will be instantly full again. This thread has made me even more pumped for PAX. I flippin miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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