The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition - Trailer

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Nintendo of Japan have released a trailer for their upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition of Four Swords Adventures, which will be arriving on DSiWare in Japan on the 28th of September, completely free of charge. The game will also now be arriving on the 3DS eShop for a limited time only - 20th February. The game is expected to arrive in other territories sometime in October, before The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword arrives on November 18th in Europe, and the 20th in North America. Japan will get the latest game in December.  
The new version looks boss, I love the new additions, check out the trailer and see if you can spot them. The inclusion of single-player is great and I really like to homages to 2D Zelda's past...

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The game will be arriving on the 3DS eShop also, at cost. It's currently unkhown how much for.

But DSiWare is available on the eShop is it not?

EDIT.. Yup


DSiWare is a completely different service, although selected DSiWare titles are available to buy on eShop.
I think that may be an assumption on their part, as far as I know the game is only due to be free on DSiWare, as part of a compensation gesture. Nintendo  may have extended the offer to 3DS also, in light of recent goings on. We'll see, hopefully it is free, it would go down very well with fans. 
The offer has been extended - it is free on eShop - Nice one Nintendo.
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man i really hope it is free on Eshop since those Eshop cards havent turned up in the UK yet

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It will be free on eShop, it's been confirmed by Nintendo on their Japanese PR site. Although a few months back Nintendo were planning to charge for it on eShop.   
The cards have arrived in some parts of Europe, I know Holland and Germany have them currently. They look cool, but nowhere near as cool as the Japanese one's featuring Zelda and Mario 25th Anniversary motif's. 

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