Today's Your Last Chance to Become a 3DS Ambassador

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#51 Posted by blueinferno (480 posts) -

Okay so...can someone help me? It's 10:22 pm pacific time where I am right now, just logged into the e-shop since I kind of shrugged off the eastern time zone thing. I did get a notification telling me I was an ambassador, and I'm pretty sure I did the last system update. So did I miss out? Or am I still eligible?

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#52 Posted by blueinferno (480 posts) -

Wait...oh I think I understand it now. It was just so long as you logged into the e-shop before midnight on the 11th and got the notification....gah I feel so stupid. Nevermind.

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#53 Edited by dawnclover (177 posts) -

Still no notification here |||||: 
So, Nintendo is providing a way to get into the Ambassador Program for people who bought the console before today but couldn't access the eShop for some reason. There'll be more news, but they'll be adding a tool here: (EU) - not sure of the US link, sorry, but there should be one. With this tool you'll be able to complete a form, attach proof of purchase of your 3DS dated before August 12 -or- your friend code (if it's been created before the 12th) and be able to participate in the program. You'll also be able to check if you're already part of the program with this tool, in case you didn't receive the notification (which is my case). So, good news! :)
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#54 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (6861 posts) -

I am not interesed, at any price, in buying Nintendo's Opti-Grab that will make cause me to go cross-eyed and blind!

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#55 Posted by buttmonk3y (161 posts) -

No notification for me!

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#56 Posted by MeatSim (11157 posts) -

Your getting a lot of free legal ROMs.

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