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    Nintendo EAD Tokyo Group No.2

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    Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development in Tokyo and established in 2003. Manager of Group No.2: Yoshiaki Koizumi.

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    EAD Tokyo as a whole was established in 2003 after the big restructuring of development studios at Nintendo. EAD Tokyo was the first internal development team situated outside of the company's Kyoto headquarters. The studio was built with the plan to recruit new talent from Japan's capital city while being overseen by senior staff from the old Kyoto team that developed Super Mario Sunshine prior to the restructuring, such as Yoshiaki Koizumi. EAD Tokyo Group No.2's first game was Flipnote Studio for the Nintendo DSi and the New Play Control version of Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. In recent years, Group No.2 has been known as the main team responsible for the 3D Super Mario games starting with Super Mario Galaxy 2.

    Manager of Group No.2: Yoshiaki Koizumi.


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