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    Nintendo EAD is the largest of Nintendo's internal software divisions, making some of the most recognized franchises of all time, namely the Mario and Zelda series.

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    Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development (abbreviated to EAD) is the largest of Nintendo's internal divisions.

    In 2004, after corporate restructuring, Nintendo Research and Development teams 1 and 2 were absorbed into EAD, which now comprises at least five teams of twenty to thirty employees. You can usually tell which team developed any given game from it's director. Aside from Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, each team only works on their own individual title at any given time. It is assumed further unknown teams exist, or are formed temporarily for specific individual projects. There is also a programming group of two-hundred employees within the division known as SRD Co. Ltd.

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    In the summer of 2014, Nintendo opened a new headquarter in Kyoto and moved all of its internal development teams to that new building, known as the Nintendo Development Center. It houses all of the EAD Kyoto divisions as well as other development divisions.

    On September 14 2015, Nintendo announced a large scale restructuring that formalizes the changes set in motion years prior by collecting all Kyoto development in one building. Nintendo EAD and Nintendo SPD have been merged into Nintendo EPD - Entertainment Planning & Development Division lead by General Manager Shinya Takahashi, previously GM of Nintendo SPD with Katsuya Eguchi (EPD Kyoto development) and Yoshiaki Koizumi (EPD Tokyo development) serving as Deputy General Managers.


    Nintendo EAD Kyoto

    Deputy General Manager: Katsuya Eguchi

    Executive Officer: Takashi Tezuka

    EAD Software Group No. 1

    Group Manager: Hideki Konno

    EAD Software Group No. 2

    Group Manager: Hisashi Nogami

    EAD Software Group No. 3

    Group Manager: Eiji Aonuma

    EAD Software Group No. 4

    Group Manager: Hiroyuki Kimura

    EAD Software Group No. 5

    Group Manager: Tadashi Sugiyama

    Nintendo EAD Tokyo

    General Manager: Yoshiaki Koizumi

    EAD Software Group Tokyo No. 1

    Group Manager: Takao Shimizu

    EAD Software Group Tokyo No. 2

    Group Manager: Koichi Hayashida


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