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The Golden-age Gamespot crew shows you on how to make your NES games work!


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I personally use the "Ryan Davis" method. Push it in JUST enough to where you can push it down. Works every time. Well, not every time...

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Ehm, I down voted you, but I meant to hit the up vote, so yeah. Right. Ehm. >.>

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Bellum said:
"Ehm, I down voted you, but I meant to hit the up vote, so yeah. Right. Ehm. >.>"
I'll vote myself up back to 0... God I feel like a jerk for doing that! lol jk
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It's weird that I recall blowing into cartridges but I don't recall owning a cart based system (Besides the N64, anyway).

OH Wait! That's right. Sega Genesis.

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I'd clean the connectors on the carts with qtips and rubbing alcohol then crack open the NES and clean the hell out of the ZIF connector. I didn't find out until much later how effective a flat head screwdriver was in fixing the problem as well (bending the pins on the ZIF connector back in place).

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Its amazing how a system like the NES can still work nowadays, when some consoles today break so easily.

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joey said:
"Its amazing how a system like the NES can still work nowadays, when some consoles today break so easily."
Yeah, I definitely miss cartridges. I wish more systems still used them. I prefer the DS card/cart things over the PSP's discs any day.
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SoothsayerGB said:
"A few good blows, then the Ryan method.  If that didn't work.  I would bust out the rubbing alcohol and Q tips.  Which were always right beside the NES.

So I'm not the only one who did this! Works like a charm, and you don't end up looking like a dork blowing into the open end of a gold Zelda cartridge.
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I must be some kind of dirtbag cause I had to sacrifice goats to make it work.

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I just replaced my connector and cleaned my games. At first I used a q-tip with isopropanol to clean the cartridges, but that's not nearly enough if the games are really dirty. Nowadays I own one of those "gamebit" which lets you open up the cartridges on pretty much all Nintendo's cartridge based consoles(NES, SNES, N64, GB and I think GBA too).
Take out the PCB and just use an eraser to rub really hard against the pins of the game on both sides. Don't worry, they wont break unless you are really careless. Just place the PCB on a table when you use the eraser so you don't break it in half. THEN I use a q-tip with isopropanol on it to clean the rubber off the pins and it looks and works just like new.

You can make those gamebit thingies yourself with an old plastic pen btw. Just google "gamebit make your own" or something. But I decided it would be worth it to buy one made in metal instead.

Oh! And if you get a new connector for the NES; DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT press the games down into the NES like usually. It's not needed because the connector is so firm anyway and just wears the connector out quicker. Actually, if you don't press it down, I'm pretty sure you'll never have to replace or fix the connector ever again.
You can't do this on old connectors though because they require you to press the game down to have better contact between the connector and pins.

EDIT: Oh and you should NEVER blow into a cartridge or console because your breath contains moisture which leaves residue on the pins and connectors... But I guess you guys know that, right?!

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#13 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -

Lmfao, I remember when that video came out.

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#14 Posted by tenfour (13 posts) -

I used to use Ryan's method and it worked pretty well. About five years ago, even that stopped working, so I got new connectors and it's been beautiful.

Even though everyone did it, I've heard that blowing in the cart or the system accelerates rusting, which long term would make the problem worse.

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#15 Posted by keyhunter (3208 posts) -

I have to tape the power cord to the back of the NES in such a way that it doubles up into several loops for some reason.

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#16 Posted by synt4x (191 posts) -

Well, I wouldn't say rust. But it certainly wasn't a good thing to do. It worked because ones breath contains little drops of saliva that made the connection better temporarily. But it leaves residue afterwards which is why the games start working worse and worse over time.

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#17 Posted by TheKidNixon (1619 posts) -



Seriously, your spit is filled with things that both of those pieces of technology hate being all in the junk! "But I'm not spitting, I'm blowing." You're spitting, jerkface! You can't help it, and you can't see it. Sure, it'll work just fine, but eventually the particles of spit will grow and you'll have a cart or a system that won't do its function anymore.

A better solution? Using a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. Everything will smell a bit funny, but it will remain functioning far longer.

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#18 Posted by Godwind (2925 posts) -

Top Loader.

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#19 Posted by DarkGamerOO7 (611 posts) -

I smacked my friends NES into submission once, after giving a good few whacks the game worked. :P

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1.Qtip, rubbing alcahol, nail file cardboard ones can be purchased cheap at the pharmacy or wal-mart.
2.phillips head screw driver about medium size, philips head smaller size.

taking the original deck loading nes apart is rather easy make sure to document or visually confirm the way all parts are taken apart so you can put them back together.  Once the system is taken apart the main board should be available remember to ground one self or use anti static wrist wrap, the u connector that which attatchs to the mainboard and you plug your games into should slide off the mainboard just like if it were the end of a game as you can see, this area on the main board can be cleaned with the qtip and rubbing alcahol once this is cleaned put it to the side and take the U connector and take a nail file break off the end so its flat and start to insert it into the U connector part where it connects to the mainboard gently sliding it in and out along the contacts this should remove any rust or build up, do the same for the U connector part where the game slides on and connects this should be built up even more since its exposed to the air and if you've been blowing into it sliding the nail file in and out and it should clean the contacts.

3.One thing i reccomend is go to radio shack or fries and get a electronic connector lubricant and cleaner DeoxIT is what i use it is basically a pen it allows you to lubricate and protect the connectors from future oxidation and moisture.

Games: use qtips and rubbing alcahol to clean the contacts you dont need to take the games apart.

end result: this should keep your nes working and start it working if it wasn't before.

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#21 Posted by Demo (272 posts) -

My NES has been fixed countless times by the previous owner.

It's really bad, I never had troube inserting something right.

It's a matter of turning on and off the console until it works.

Virtual Console for the win.

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'85 console that still worked? Wow. I didn't think that'd be possible, unless it was still in box or rarely used form. I wonder if that sucker still works.

Mine isn't currently running, but that's because I lost the adapter to it. It's probably stuck somewhere underneath a bookcase or whatnot, but I'll probably buy another adapter eventually. Eventually. I was just planning on replacing the pins on mine once I did that.

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#23 Posted by Demo (272 posts) -
JackiJinx said:
'85 console that still worked? Wow. I didn't think that'd be possible, unless it was still in box or rarely ... [more]

And If you have the skill, change the batteries on the games that use them.
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#24 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -
TheKidNixon said:
OH GOD! PEOPLE, PLEASE! NEVER BLOW IN YOUR NES! NEVER BLOW YOUR CARTRIDGES!Seriously, your spit is filled with things that ... [more]
Blowing/Spitting is probably one of the worst ideas. I did this (and by accident), I ended up spitting into my GameBoy Color. Looong time ago, and subsequently, it never worked. again. My mind was blown.
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#25 Posted by Otacon (2282 posts) -

Something new gamers will miss out on, sure it's only GB for me but still.

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#26 Posted by FiestaUnicorn (1673 posts) -

A number of companies are now making their own NES's.  I just ordered the FC mobile II so I can play Punch out on the go.

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#27 Posted by Reaperisgod (3 posts) -

Whoever still has any nintendo games I will buy them from you.
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I used to leave a Game Genie in and just pull the carts out of that...

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